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Post by Guest on Mon Apr 28, 2014 3:39 pm

There was a disease, spreading through london. Not like any normal, typical type of disease. This one had a molucular level that tampered with one's appearance and gave the subject a does of amnesia. Winter didn't quite know how, and didn't really care to learn. Why care about such trivial details? No, she was more interested in the effects. For, when it tampered with one's appearance, it tightened their skin, shrank their bones, brightened their hair and put a bounce in the victim's step.

It turned the person younger. By a good few years, in fact. Turning the most aged men into twenty year old versions of themselves, and younger victims were morphed into toddling children. Winter walked down the streets of london, passing a cold glance at all the screaming children. She didn't know how it spread, but it didn't seem to be in the air. Otherwise, there really would be more victims. If that was even what they were! Winter found delicious irony in the fact that while they did in fact, gain a small taste of immortality, got what the wrinkled ones of their kind often proclaimed as something unattainable and just beyond their reach.

What did they do? They cried.

Children sat, and cried loudly, screaming and wailing at the top of their little lungs. Older children held younger ones, and family and friends that still held their own age were cautiously trying to persuade the temper tantrum throwing children to get into a car and take them to a nearby hospital. Not knowing how it spread, they were hesitant, and many refused to touch or talk to the child without a cloth over the mouth. Which, only made the children much more panicked. The adults tried to soothe the sudden children, but the hilarious part of the situation was..

The children didn't remember who the adults were.

And looking up to see an adult looming over you was just plain freaky to already sobbing children. They really, honestly believed that they were the age they appeared as. Screaming infants wanted mothers that were oldened and wrinkled. Upright toddlers demanded snuggly blankets, and toys. Young teenages blared their mp3's and wandered off, forgetting the world and all it's inhabitants. But, granted, not to many people wandered the streets of london, merely the occasional passing panicked close friend pulled along a screeching toddler. It wasn't the age, or the sudden change in scenery that scared the small thing. Sobbing, little mess it was.

But the woman's attitude. This one, actually had a cloth tied around her mouth completely. Winter walked over, knowing, of course that children found her armor quite fun, and something that they could entertain themselves with. As such, they tended to listen to Winter far more often, especially at the sobbing, crying age of three. Winter took off her helmet with a gloved hand, her fingers lightly tapping the helmet when it grasped the plain frame. Crouching down, she held it in her hand, fingers curled around it slightly and elbows on her knees, perfectly balanced in her tip toe crouch.

"Chupo." Winter smiled, at the child, who in turn started to giggle at her strange word. Trying it for himself, Winter watched as he misprounced it a thousand times before just repeating Chu, to her. Chupo didn't mean anything. Not in her own language, not in any language. The way it was said, the hilariouty of the phrase itself sent children into wild giggles and adults into glaring moods. Standing, Winter tilted her head at the adult who decided force would be better to get the child to a hospital that was already probably over run.

"Foolish, you are. Firstly, if 'twas in the air, cloth as thin as that would not assist. Secondly, if it would spread by anything, it would probably be touch." To which the adult swiftly pulled her hand free and dusted such on her clothing. "Thirdly," Winter leaned down, picking up the child and balancing it on her hip, hearing it still muttering Chupo in her ear. "You should not listen to a mad woman in armor. She actually has no clue what she is talking about. And fourthly! Just because you can show cleavage, dear. Does not mean you should." Winter gave the stout woman a judging look. Her hair was like straw, face pinched with worry and franticness, and far to thin for her own good. But, if winter was the judge, no one on the whole planet would please her. The woman had tried to wear a relatively small shirt that day, perhaps she was the boy's girlfriend or something. Showing a slight bit of cleavage. Problem was, it didn't suit her. Winter set the child down with great care, putting her helmet back on and lowering the face guard.

"And finally, you frazelled woman. The nearest hospital is that way." Winter pointed to the direction the woman was heading away from, actually. In her franticness, she had gotten quite turned around. "The other one at the end of this street is full." Winter stayed as the woman ran off, carrying the now quite calm toddler. Clad in clothes to big, and a mess of brown hair upon his head, he waved towards Winter as he was carried off. Winter smiled behind the helmet, but didn't wave back. Winter looked down at her own hand, now that everyone was out of sight. What if, her joke had been right? Winter thought, spreading finger tips in her thoughts. Had she just touched diseased youth? She knew there was a cure, of course. Such an illness would only work for short amounts of times. No doubt, within a few hours, everyone would be back to normal.

The fun part would be when the toddlers finally came out of their little daze, clinging to the adults they do not know in neediness and fear, and find themselves once again, their own age.

Oh, what fun that would become!

-Lots of ways this thread can go in. You're perfectly allowed to have your character become infected, or not. It's your choice. Some advice for rping children would be to hop from one thought to the next frequently, and only allow one emotion at a time. My apologies for such a long post, you do not have to match this, I wanted to set up the scene and got a bit carried away, and couldn't bring myself to trim this down. If you CAN do this amount, that'd be epic. If you can't, don't worry about it, basically two paragraphs will do perfectly!

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