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Welcome to the new age //  Open Empty Welcome to the new age // Open

Post by Game-Master on Fri May 15, 2015 4:39 pm


There was a loud bang and flash moments after a reinforced door was shattered by what appeared to be an SWAT team, but in reality these were not police officers, these were agents of HYDRA. HYDRA had located a SHIELD safehouse which housed on of SHIELD's top doctor, one Doctor Jacob Streiten. Doctor Streiten had been involved in Project T.AH.I.I.T.I and HYDRA still wanted to know the full details behind it.

As the HYDRA agents breached the safehouse, Doctor Streiten knew that he would not be able to escape from the grasp of HYDRA, so he instead sent a distress call through SHIELD's old networks, hoping someone was monitoring them and hoping that someone would come and rescue him. Once he was done sending the S.O.S, Streiten swallowed a tracker so when he was taken by HYDRA if anyone came to look for him they could located with him. After he swallowed the tracker, Streiten grabbed a gun and pointed it at the door.

Streiten decided he would not simply give himself up to HYDRA, while Streiten did not want to die, he began to think maybe death would not be that bad considering HYDRA;s past. If he did fall into HYDRA's hand and no one came to rescue him, Streiten knew he was going to be in for a horrible and painful demise at their hands.

HYDRA was methodically clearing the safehouse and eventually they reached the room Streiten was holing up in. Instead of breach the door, HYDRA decided to gas Streiten out. This was safe for the agents involved.

As the gas came into Streiten's room, he started to cough until he passed out from the gases. Once Streiten was unconcious, the HYDRA agents walked into the room with gasmasks and lifted up the doctor and started to leave the SHIELD safehouse and to their own safehouse.

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