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Post by Guest on Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:16 pm

Winter, with her short white hair and bright white eyes that usually had others thinking she was blind upon first glance, despite the cat slit black pupils. Walking down the streets of london, Winter craved a good adventure. She usually travelled alone, and had been so very alone that she forgot how lonely felt. Couldn't recall what it felt like to fall in love, didn't long for the touch or compassion of others. Her heart had frozen over with age, and she liked it that way. She didn't know any better, it'd been to long since she'd fallen in love. She could only look at the facts, when one grew attached to another, or even fell in love, they did foolish things. Winter wasn't interested in such things, and would never be.

Her boots clattered as she stepped, the plate mail clinking against the other layers and rustling together as her foot hit the pavement. The very bottom was black thick cloth, and it lay over her foot as a shoe would. Over top, hanging around her ankles were to layers of unbendable plate mail, attached to a plate mail boot that climbed mid thigh, leaving a joint for her to bend her knee and such. The boots were stained red in splatters, and a black buckle ran behind her thigh and buckled in the side to hold them in place. Underneath was legging that were furry and dark red in color. Over top of her hips was a loose brown leather belt, attached in place by two buckles on the opposite sides of her hips. A once white and long skirt was now tattered and torn to shreads, blowing in the wind to show that they only fell to the top of her thighs, stained deep red. The center portion of the skirt was long and draped down to just above her knees, swaying in time with her movements. A pouch was attached beneath her stomach, lightly decorated and small in size.

Her stomach was bare, showing a few battle scars that hadn't been repaired and medicated fast enough to not scar. She wore a black bra across her chest, lined in white and colored nearly black in it's deep red. Over top was a dark golden necklace that was so thick and large in size that it seperated, wrapping itself around her neck, and climbing underneath her arms, melding to the top of the armor seamlessly. On her left shoulder was a panther's head in likeness, with it's mouth agape to show it's fearsome jaws. Her left arm was more clad with armor then the right, and layers of plate mail over lapped one another to give her full range of deep red motion. Beneath it all, she wore black gloves that made her fingers appear featureless and slender that climbed up into her upper arms. The right arm had no plate mail armor, save for a white designed plate upon the back of her wrist.

Anyone who joins this topic should know that their character should be able to persuade Winter to take them with them on an adventure of her own. This will, of course, take them to the period of dinosaurs where they must survive on their wits and survival instincts until the vortex manipulator is repaired. I will delete this notice when someone joins this topic, to keep things neat.

Winter is wearing this outfit here

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