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Post by Brock Rumlow on Thu Apr 02, 2015 4:22 pm

Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

Brock Rumlow, Agent of SHIELD sat by himself at a bar in Hereford, England. It had been a while since his last mission and when off duty, Rumlow tended to stay on the base like many of SHIELD's more veteran agents. Most of SHIELD's veteran agents had a mild disdain for most people and Rumlow was no different but was getting a bit of stir crazy, there was not much you could do on a military base for entertainment, thus Rumlow had decided to go out to a bar and get a couple of drinks.

So who am I? Rumlow silently asked himself, trying to determine which one of his many cover identities he would use if anyone decided to talk with him. Rumlow as the leader of STRIKE needed to keep his role in SHIELD as a secret to outsiders of the organization. After a few moments of mentally going through his cover identities, Rumlow decided to go with being an accountant, something nice and unassuming.

Rumlow could not help but be amused by most of his cover identities. Most of them were similar to the one he had just chosen, nice and unassuming identities. Among his favorites were IT tech, Accountant and Insurance investigator, it was always amusing telling people that he worked as one of those professions. It was even more amusing that some people actually believed it when he told them that he worked as one of those professions.

Rumlow could technically work as any of those professions though, those were some of his go to cover identities, some of his most well made ones. Those were the identities Rumlow used for his day to day life off base and part of the list of identities Rumlow would assume if he was ever compromised and needed to go into hiding. Since he may have to go into hiding with one of those identity, Rumlow had made sure he was actually capable of pretending  to be each and everyone of those identities.

Rumlow was now just waiting for his drink to arrive and while waiting he slowly took a look around the bar. Rumlow enjoyed observing people in bars, making up stories about those around him, and if he did not like a person think of creative ways to kill the person. Rumlow knew the second part was not normal, but he was a wetwork operator, the words he lived by were, travel the world, meet interesting people and then kill them. Rumlow tended to have a plan to kill everyone in his surrounding, you never know were a threat could be, people like Rumlow were paranoid, the key was being functional enough to operate in society while paranoid enough to survive the world.

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