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In my time of dying // Open Empty In my time of dying // Open

Post by Phil Coulson on Sat May 23, 2015 10:49 pm

even a wise man may fall



Free time was a hard thing to come by now a days for Phil Coulson, the man whom was now Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, while the organization was no longer globe spanning, managing a spy organization was still a tiring and exhausting line of work. Coulson loved his job, but there was one thing he held above his work, his family. Phil had decided to take some time off and leave the organization in the capable hands of Agent Melinda May for the time being as he spent some time with his family.

Before Phil actually went to visit his family, he went on a brief shopping trip to buy some some treats and toys for his kids. Coulson had spent a bit of time trying to decide what to get for his kids but in the end settled for some Captain America toys. To be honest Coulson already sort of knew that he would pick something like that for his kids, he was just unsure on exactly what.

Once Phil had finished choosing and paying for the treats and toys he had chosen, he started to drive to Stark Tower, or as they now call it the Avengers Tower. Maria now worked there after the unfortunate fall of S.H.I.E.L.D's public face. That was a day no one would ever forget but the organization was recovering, it was rebuilding and one day it would be one people could put their trust in once more.

As Coulson drove to Avenger's tower, he wondered if his kids were with Maria right now and wondered what would be his families reaction to seeing him. This visit was unannounced, Coulson intended for it to be a surprise. A pleasant surprise but a surprise none the less.

Phil had ever intention to be the best father and husband he could, his family was now his life and his work was now secondary, at times he even considered just leaving field work all together and stay in a desk job acting as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was safer, while Coulson had no concern for his own safety and craved action he was unwilling to leave his wife a widow and his children without a father.

Coulson himself had gone through that as a kid and it was an experience he wished upon no one. Coulson's father had died when he was quite young, and he would be lying if he claimed that it did not shape him into the man he was today. Quite a few of his decisions have been influenced by his loss, for example when he first met Agent Peterson, he had the option of simply killing the man but instead Coulson was unwilling to leave Peterson son fatherless and went for a third option.

Coulson had risked many lives to save the life of one man whom was a father, while Coulson did not regret his choice he knew it was illogical and if he followed protocol he would have given a kill order against Peterson. Coulson was a logical person most of the time but when it came to family and fathers he was a person whom acted on emotion.

While acting on emotion was frowned upon in spy craft, Coulson have proven multiple times that his instincts and emotions tended to end with the right option. It was still a bad way to operate but such situations were rare and it was his flaw, a flaw that Coulson knew would eventually bite him in the ass.

When Coulson finally arrived at Avenger's Tower, he parked his car and started to walked toward the building. As he approached the door, Coulson heard the unmistakable bang of a gun being fired. Instinctively he ducked for the nearest piece of cover and drew out his weapon.

Once Coulson was in the relative safety of cover he realized that he had been shot and it was quite serious of an injury. Coulson was bleeding out of his stomach and as he tried to apply pressure to his wound the grim thought of this being New York all over again came into his mind.

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