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Post by Hiro Hamada on Thu Feb 05, 2015 12:15 pm

How often did a kid get offered this sort of opportunity? Hiro didn't think it was that often. He was working with an agency called SHIELD, helping to protect the world from all sorts of evils. It was sick! He'd never thought that he might end up in some place like this. Not even after he and his friends had formed a team and taken down Callaghan who Fred had defined as a super villain. And now Hiro had been invited here. He kept up with the rest of his friends. They had video chat and Baymax was more than willing to call them himself although Hiro insisted on using the computer when possible. He knew that they all enjoyed talking to Baymax.

It was midday and Hiro was outside, not too far out from the base. He would have preferred to be inside in his room but Baymax had insisted that he get 'fresh air' and attempt to socialise with others. They had reached an agreement that Hiro would go outside and do his work there. And if someone spoke to him, then Hiro would stop working and talk to them. Which was why the fourteen year old was outside, wrapped up warm against the winter chill. Even with the sun up and warming the area, it was bitter

But Baymax had yet to complain that his temperature was too low and that he should go in, so Hiro had to stay out. It wasn't too bad once he started to work. He got quiet enthralled in his mission to improve his bot. Although he had given up on the sport of bot fighting, he still enjoyed designing bots for such a purpose and updating the old ones. It kept him thinking and improving things. It was easier to come up with ideas when using a starting point as well. And often for Hiro, that seemed to be the bots that he had created which in turn were built upon the knowledge he had gained by reading.

So engrossed in his tinkering was Hiro, that he didn't even notice that someone had approached him until the cheerful voice of Baymax cut through the February air.
Hiro looked up, first at Baymax who had offered the greeting and then to who was being greeted.

((@Ron Stoppable. Hope this post is OK. If anything needs changing, just tell me.))
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