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Plot with The Trickster Empty Plot with The Trickster

Post by The Trickster on Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:58 pm

Plot with The Trickster Gabriel-plot-pageXX
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Meet the youngest Archangel Gabriel, though he won’t tell you that. He goes by the name The Trickster or has been parading using the name Loki, not really caring about the real Loki. He plays the part of the Trickster God to dish his “just deserts” (punishing the bad with something ironic or just in general). He never harms an innocent soul, though when it comes to the Trickster, he will always find something he won’t see innocent. Gabriel is also one of the most immature angels from heaven. He acts very child like when he doesn't get his way, mostly by pouting.

He isn’t the friend type unless you are very interesting. Same goes for love interests. He had a fling with Kali, which didn’t last very long and now she wants to kill him. He also has a long list of enemies which also includes his siblings in heaven.

I am up for any plotting ideas!
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