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Plot Signups for EMH Go Karts Racing

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Plot Signups for EMH Go Karts Racing

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 07, 2014 12:58 pm

Well, if any of you know me, you know I am a very impulsive Role player. Playing Winter, even MORE so.

Mostly because she's bat shit crazy.

I've FOUND, that playing an insane character leads to new thinkings, (i'm crazy to. It's contagious) and several new, and highly entertaining threads. I could have a moment, here, telling you about all the crazy stuff she's gotten into in random threads.. OR I could cut to the chase.

Because frankly, a montage of Winter doing amusing stuff in threads and sites that are totally random, charming and funny, to the song of The Eye Of The Tiger wouldn't appeal to many of you who don't know her to badly!

Plus, it'd be LONG

Anyway! I have recently watched Wreck It Ralph, and I quite found LOTS of fun to be had in the go cart racing scenes! Some bad ass music in the back, sexeh go carters from various places, some comedic relief, it'll be FUN.

All I ask is that you reply here, with your character's name and maybe even design their cart a little bit. It can be motorcycle, tardis (I'm looking at you, DOCTOR AND MASTER), freaky hover mobile, ANYTHING. Basically, it just can't teleport to the finish line and win spontaniously. (I'm looking at you LOKI)

Your character will be in a REMARKABLE car or vehicle. And it is in fact inside a video game. I'm thinking that something glitched TERRIBLY, pulling those in the area into the coding of a video game that revolves around go karts. Computers will have go karts, your character, however, can have other vehicles. Your character's vehicle will be provided by the game, so your characters don't have to have made or purchased such strange vehicles.

Once I have the sign up sheet complete, I will work with you to find a good reason why your character is racing other characters on the site. As well as designing the track so that everyone is up to speed. I realise that everyone would be biased towards their character's winning, (Though John may make them lose on purpose so that he can torture them) so I will use a certain method to keep things fun, fair and exciting.

You can team up with other members (if they agree, of course) or you can do it solo. More then one of your characters can join in as well.

I'll explain this method simply, roll a six sided dice. Old fashioned role play, I know. Some of you may be biased, and try to say that your roll was better then it actually WAS. So I'll do it. I'm truthful, and fair and it's reading flipping dots on a flipping dice.


Basically, over three is a sucess, and random devices from the several portions of the site will be attainable. So, like, rolling a ONE would get you a temperary vortex manipulator, used to jump ten feet ahead. TWO would get you something from Thor's movie, and it goes on to all the portions of the site. Passing someone, there's under a three means that the person you are trying to pass blocks you, speeds up, or uses an item. You'll have to pm me, I'll tell you your roll, then you pm the character you are trying to interact with in the thread, (to find out what that character would do.) THEN post.

I know, I know, frightfully long and tedious, but still.


So?! Who's interested?!

Racing Roster

Winter Mills - No Teammate
The Doctor - No Teammate

Possible Racers

Ildas - X
Shadow - X

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Re: Plot Signups for EMH Go Karts Racing

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 07, 2014 1:04 pm

I, of course, am signing up Winter Mills. I may sign in Ildas, or Shadow, depends on several factors. But Winter Mills for certain.

Shadow will join in, if Menaezaen does

Ildas will join in, if she can rid with one of her friends, or if I get the muse for how she would drive. God forbid she drives like her mother.

Winter's bike

POSSIBLY Ildas' bike. If I decide to let her join.


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Re: Plot Signups for EMH Go Karts Racing

Post by The Doctor* on Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:28 am

Definately be joining this! I'll be using this bike, if I don't find something "goofier" to fit The Eleventh Doctor. :3

The Doctor*
The Doctor*

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Re: Plot Signups for EMH Go Karts Racing

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:12 pm

EXCELLENT! Can't wait for this thread to start! I'd like more members first, of course, for a REAL race!

Keep in mind, you can change your vehicle, add in new characters, or add in teammates at ANY point until the race starts!

The list has been updated, so exciting to have a new doctor around!

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Re: Plot Signups for EMH Go Karts Racing

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