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Come, be my friend! // Plot with Nick

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Come, be my friend! // Plot with Nick Empty Come, be my friend! // Plot with Nick

Post by Nick Alvarez on Mon Dec 30, 2013 6:19 am

Come, be my friend! // Plot with Nick Plotni10
Come, be my friend! // Plot with Nick Tumblr_m9dv8tknJa1qhdif9o1_500
Come, be my friend! // Plot with Nick Plotni11
A hard-working, ambitious FBI Agent, with a strong sense of justice. Nick fights and works for everything he has, wants to achieve and he protects his loved ones with his life. He grew up in a Catholic home, but as of now, he is only casually practicing his faith, he can be considered a sinner, if you were very old-fashioned. Truth is though, he is just a child of his time, having reached the 21st century.
While he tends to keep to himself around strangers, Nick is actually a really kind and generous kind of person, who likes to laugh and have a good time. He has a warm aura around him and a lot of empathy for victims of crimes and their families, which had him in a position where female family members or victims were attracted to him. But, no matter how much of his flirty play-boy side might show, he never gets involved with them. It's strictly against his ethics.

Underneath the tough facade he puts on, Nick is a loving and caring gentleman kind of person, who will protect his loved ones with his life, rather than have anything happening to them. But since he got his heart broken once before, he now rarely shows that to anyone, which makes it hard to find a new love.

Come, be my friend! // Plot with Nick Plotni12
Becoming Nick's friend isn't hard. If you're just interested in friendship, all you need to do is look behind the facade and stick around to get to know him. He might not trust you right away, but from a coincidental meeting at a bar, it's not far to becoming friends with him, especially since he loves having a good time. The easiest way to get to know him is through small talk. Keep it casual and impersonal. When he trusts you enough, Nick will open up to you, if he feels like it. If you're working in law-enforcement you might as well share a story with him.

Nick is looking for honest friends who care, who will stand by his side, support him and be there when he needs help, or kick his butt if he needs it, just like he would for them. He tends to befriend people who are different from him. Age doesn't matter here.

Come, be my friend! // Plot with Nick Plotni13
As of now, Nick doesn't really have enemies, at least none worth mentioning. Of course he's pissed off some criminals during his long time at the FBI and he will continue to do so in the future, too. But apart from that, it's hard to become his enemy. You would have to really piss him off, to be called his enemy.
However, Nick hates being lied to. And he dislikes criminals, people hurting women or children and just about every bad guy out there.

Come, be my friend! // Plot with Nick Plotni14
After being cheated on, it is a little hard to gain Nick's trust as a woman and become close to him. If you just want to be friends, that's fine with him. A one-night-stand is okay with him, too. But a serious relationship... that will need hard work and a lot of time. Or not, if the right woman comes along.
She needs to be patient, sensitive and loyal to him. If she sticks around to take down the wall he put up around his heart, then she has a good chance of stealing it and become close to him. It's easy if she shares some of his likes, or just has a good sense of humor.
It has to be someone who is able to catch his attention, to draw him out and keep him on his toes. Nick loves a little mystery.
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