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Plotting With Koschei

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Plotting With Koschei

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:55 pm

The Master
Over one thousand, two hundred || Time Lord || Villian || Pansexual

The Master is a psychopath, pure and simple. Concepts like "right and wrong" and "good and evil" are, at best, intellectual exercises. He can grasp the idea, but it is as foreign to him as the concept of red or green is to a man born blind. He can be friendly, charming, affectionate, even loving. The emotions are real. But he can discard them at a moment's notice, for the sake of achieving his goals. He doesn't understand why others cannot do the same, but he is perfectly willing to make use of his advantages in this matter.

While he can appear friendly at times, he does, however have a rivalry friendship with Loki.

When he likes, he can be charming, but his nature usually drives others off, and he doesn't seem capable of caring for someone else completely, so it's always going to be one sided on that part.

Very, very long list here. The obvious being The Doctor, of course. And most of the people he has run into in a day to day basis.

One hundred, thirty three || Human || Villian || Pansexual

Menaezaen is a sulky, childish creature. He is bonded to Shadow and would never leave her side, even when the string breaks. He is not loyal by nature, and he is incredibly self centered and cruel. He is stubborn and thick headed, and puts himself above other people. He is quite sadistic and rude, and will take his frustrations out upon others.

Like Shadow, he has a very closed world towards others, and he fails to see the charm in meeting or befriending others.

Menaezaen has devoloped a crush on Shadow, and will become highly jealus if anyone so much as talks to her.

While he does not make friends easily, he makes enemies with one comment most of the time. He will be found openly mocking others, or going out of his way to be rude towards those he doesn't take an instant liking to. Which, is anyone but Shadow. Menaezaen strongly dislikes those who even start a conversation with Shadow, so if anyone came onto her in front of him, he would no doubt count that person his enemy.

Note: In a topic with Menaezaen, Shadow must be present.

Other Note: Don't pm Winter about plots, as this thread is a gift to the paper work hating Koschei. You should pm either account listed in this post, or respond to this thread.

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