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Plotting With The White Crow Empty Plotting With The White Crow

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:52 am

Plotting With The White Crow 55-42
Winter Mills
Nine thousand, eight hundred, fourty seven || FutureKind || Time traveler and getting into trouble || Pansexual

A cruel and rude woman, who's opinion will be heard and understood above all else. She can play the wise woman, giving cyptic advice and taking dark pleasure in hypnotising others with her beauty and grace. She is an old fasioned woman, who prefers horse back riding to a car and a sword to a gun. Winter is a violent woman, who will fight simply for the sake of it.

Plotting With The White Crow Friends
Winter's only friend would be her sword, Rynsam. She believes him to have emotions, and it is at his beheast that she strikes out into glorious battle. Rynsam will always be found strapped into a sheath along her leg, and she will not think twice before drawing him and attacking another.

Plotting With The White Crow Lovers
Winter's to old for fall for any old sort of love. What seems to stun others, is that she has a past where she has given her heart out. What doesn't suprise them, is that they betray, or die or even leave her in the end. Either way, she is left alone and with every heartbreak, her stone wall around her heart has grown. At this point, Winter claims that her heart has frozen, that she has a heart of ice that no one would claim, or even desire.

Plotting With The White Crow Enemies
Winter teases many, insults that many more. Despite this, she never gets enemies and leave them living. If they come after her, she will put a finger on what they hold dear, and the villian or deluded hero will leave her alone on the grounds that Winter doesn't play fair, she always wins. So long as they leave her alone, and won't challenge her, Winter doesn't care about who is being hurt, or if innocents are to be killed. Quite simply, it's not her problem.

Desired: I would like any type of topic with Winter, she is always on the hunt for someone to travel with her, and is always up for a good flirt or conversation

Plotting With The White Crow 73-32
Hundred And Four || Animated Shadow || Wanderer || Pansexual

No one could guess that behind this blank, expressionless face lies a lovable and kind woman. One, not to be angered, but affectionate and new in the ways of love. Her world is small, closed and loving towards her cherished companion.

Plotting With The White Crow Friends
Shadow is friendly, yet highly protective and loyal to friends around her. Despite this, she has none. And the idea of her obtaining one is an unlikely one on her own part. Her heart has closed, and she finds satisfaction only in Menaezaen's company, and finds herself very disinterested in the others around her so rarely.

Plotting With The White Crow Lovers
Shadow is ignorant, and childish, and as such does not realise that she dearly loves her companion Menaezaen. Recently, he revealed the ability to morph to and from his bird form at will. With him at her side, she feels immensly comforted, and displays extreme anxiety if he is EVER apart from her.

Plotting With The White Crow Enemies
Shadow does not like things that remind her of being owned by David Hill. Along with such, she does not particularly like her creator, Loki, but doesn't strongly dislike him either. Shadow doesn't like women or men who flirt or speak to Menaezaen in any way. Especially insulting or ignoring him.

Desired: this girl needs a friend, and I want some character devolopments where she gets herself a name. Please note that any topic with Shadow in it will have Menaezaen in it as well.

Plotting With The White Crow 83-16
Seven || Human || None || Straight

A sensitive and kind child who got lost in time only to find herself wandering the planet Earth, searching for something more.

Plotting With The White Crow Friends
Moo is Ildas' closest friend, he takes care of her and she takes care of him in turn. Ildas is extremely kind and open hearted towards others, and she tries to find the good in everyone she meets.

Plotting With The White Crow Lovers
Ildas might be able to devolep an innocent crush on a fellow child, this crush will have to be patient, and intriguing.

Plotting With The White Crow Enemies
Ildas doesn't like dragons. Illusions of dragons, drawings of dragons, stories of dragons..

She just hates dragons.

Desired: I'd like a Moo, or a caretaker for Ildas, or even a small child her own size to have a bit of an innocent crush on!

Please note, that I will not pair my characters up with characters that are LOWER then a hundred posts, are under devoloped, or haven't been on for three months at least. I still hold the right to say that my characters don't match up correctly, are uninterested, and that the banter is not to my own tastes. Thanks for the offers, and don't take anything personal!

this page was made by megalittlesparrow of Caution 2.0

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Plotting With The White Crow Empty Re: Plotting With The White Crow

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:19 am

Bump. I would really like a new thread!

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