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MJ's Plotting Corner- Everyone Invited! Empty MJ's Plotting Corner- Everyone Invited!

Post by Michelle Foster on Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:30 pm

MJ's Plotting Corner- Everyone Invited! MYSdiQB

Michelle is funny and mischievous girl with colorful hair and imagination. Quite often she's found sneaking around anywhere she can get.
Lots of her adventures can be escalating into bit dangerous areas, but pretty much everything can be a smart plan to play a prank.

MJ's Plotting Corner- Everyone Invited! Xe940UK

Friends are Mich's biggest discovery in her world. For years her only friends were her brother's trusted ones.
Generally the chipper girl befriends easily through her own, quirky ways, but still you need to gain her full trust by surviving her personality and temper.

MJ's Plotting Corner- Everyone Invited! XkJR7lM

Enemies aren't usually her part of the world. Although there might be few teachers and professors left plucking out their hair.
Oh, and few policemen might also be huffing still.
Generally her enemies are headaches, depression caused episodes of heightened temper and other sudden outbursts of uncontrolled behavioral issues due to some mood disorders.
Pills aren't high on her liking list either. Well, maybe only higher than evil aliens...

MJ's Plotting Corner- Everyone Invited! QS4LZha

Love.... well... So far nothing really good has come out of it. But that's never an obstacle to daydream or fantasize about whatnots.
But her imagined love should be true and deep, otherwise it might turn out pretty painful for the traitor.

MJ's Plotting Corner- Everyone Invited! R46LwTO

Well basically everything that pops in your mind is accepted for further discussion. So, don't be afraid to come here for plot ideas Wink
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