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Here we go again... // Pond

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Here we go again... // Pond Empty Here we go again... // Pond

Post by The Doctor* on Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:40 pm

"So," he grumbled, being dragged by Amy through the door of the blue box, "Guessing you've been here before..?"

The console room was a work in progress, ladders and wires everywhere. The doctor had managed to create a jungle gym of scaffolding in his attempts to create a UniversalNightLight(TM, Limited Edition, One per Customer) Display, and it obviously wasn't quite working. The sun fizzled out often, much to the distaste of the single inhabited Miniplanet(TM!) orbiting it at present, and seemed to be swinging a little from the ceiling.
Paint cladded the walls unevenly, and had a lot of little circular, dimply, hand prints. Not that they hung around for long, straight down the hall, up the spiral staircase, which helpfully only took one short flight to reach the Children's Ward.

Paint cladded the walls unevenly, and had a lot of little circular, dimply, hand prints pressed into it. The sign hung unevenly, and had signs of minor scorching. It was a warzone, and the Doctor knew better than to step inside, even dug in his heels and cried out "Amy, no!"

It was to no avail. Amy was pelted quickly (and accurately, square on the nose) with custard by a diminutive little creature, in war paint. Which then waved and coo'ed a little to her, before running away into the red-lit darkness.

(EDIT: The Doctor's new owner hasn't rped in such a while that he was unfamiliar about posting ways. He has assured Caly that he'll edit the post as soon as he can.)
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Here we go again... // Pond Empty Re: Here we go again... // Pond

Post by Amy Pond on Wed Mar 26, 2014 11:50 pm

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Amy Pond was thoroughly frustrated. It wasn't that she hated her new job at SHIELD. On the contrary, working for a secret government agency as an aliens specialist and travelling around the globe helping to prevent invasions  and hostile takeovers was tonnes of fun for the adrenaline-junkie redhead, not to mention the pay was incredible. But there was something severely lacking. All her recent cases seemed to involve too much gore, too much shooting and way too much running, even going by the Doctor's standard.

Amy missed adventures with the Doctor dreafully. Most of all, she missed him. She'd lost track of exactly how many months it had been since she'd last seen him. She had almost given up on listening out to the TARDIS sound too, though at the very back of her mind she was hopeful that one of these days she would get to hear it once again. Just for one last adventure, for old time's sake.

Today Amy had spent the better part of the day holed up in the EMH Team common room, doing research on the elusive Torchwood. Out of all of the members that SHIELD had to find and recruit for Director Fury's Saving-The-World Team, the Torchwood team was the only one missing. And because Sherlock Holmes apparently had better things to do with his time than solve the delightful puzzle of 'who the hell were Torchwood really and why they were hiding so well that not even an agencies of spies could locate them', the case fell to Amy. She couldn't figure out why he didn't want the case; it seemed right up his alley.

But Amy wasn't complaining. Not really. After the week that she'd had, she needed a long break where she did nothing but sit and read all day. It was rather wonderful to be able to relax with a cup of tea, idly sifting through stacks of potentially useless information with no one pestering her or trying to kill her and devour her soul.

Quite suddenly a light wind picked up in the room, sending several of Amy's papers flying. And then she heard it. The sound that she had yearned day and night to hear. A blue police box was materialising on the big rug in the centre of the room. Tossing the file aside, Amy jumped up and the moment her raggedy Doctor was out of the TARDIS, she enveloped him in a hug. She hadn't planned to. She'd played this scenario dozens of times in her mind and none of them had her being the one to hug first. She was way too mad at him to hug first. But right now, after everything Amy had been through the past five months while he'd been away, pride went out the window.

Burying her head in his shoulder, she clutched onto him tight, worried that she was just dreaming and that in a second he would disappear. A soft "I missed you" left her lips and a minute later she finally pulled away. Crossing her arms, she fixed him with an unimpressed look. "You leave me like that again and I swear I'll set River onto you," she remarked, before turning and marching towards the TARDIS. Ignoring his incoherent babbling and protests, she grabbed him by the cuff of his jacket and dragged them with her, pushing the TARDIS door open (it was so very good to see the old box) and entered.

She had never seen the TARDIS in such a state of disarray. It looked like a war zone. Suddenly a manic giggle sounded, before what felt and smelt to be custard landed square on her nose. The blob of a creature proceeded to coo, wave and dash away, flinging custard about as it waddled.

"Ok, what was that?" Amy questioned as she turning to him and raising an eyebrow. She looked around the TARDIS interior and her eyebrow rose even higher. What looked to be a night light flickered and fizzled and paint handprints covered the walls. "Doctor, are you babysitting?!"

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