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Post by Amy Pond on Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:57 pm

Amelia Pond Pond10

Amelia Pond BasicInfo_zpsb216388c
Full Name: Amelia Jessica Pond
Nicknames: Amy, Pond
Species: Human
Age: 24
Occupation: Model
Home Town: Leadworth, England

Amelia Pond Personality_zpsc181d6ed
Sexual Preference: Bicurious
Marital Status: Divorced
Personality: Amy is adventurous and reckless, with a dry wit and a stubborn streak. She had a difficult childhood and felt abandoned by the Doctor. She was rarely open with her feelings and often mistrustful and wary. She held people she cared for at arm's length, as she did in her early relationship with Rory and the Doctor when he returned. As a child, Amelia was stoic and able to care for herself. She prayed to Santa Claus for help with the crack in her wall and was unsurprised to meet the Doctor. She lusted for the adventure of travel with him. When he did not return, she grew into a cynical and aggressive young woman.
Amy is often flippant in the face of danger; she traded barbs when facing a forcible blood replacement and cracked jokes while confronting apparent doom on the TARDIS.

Amy is rather flirtatious. In Leadworth she worked as a kissogram. She was attracted to the Doctor, Vincent van Gogh and the Roman soldiers at Stonehenge. At one point she tried to seduce the Doctor. Rory also claimed she only passed her driving test on her first go because of a revealing skirt, and she had no problem being naked in front of the Doctor after a mutation into a butterfly-woman was reversed.

However, Amy was troubled and lonely. In her childhood she was often left alone by her aunt Sharon, who refused to deal with her fear of the crack in her wall. After meeting the Doctor, she was obsessed with her "Raggedy Doctor" and refused to believe he was imaginary, biting psychiatrists when they tried to convince her otherwise. Mels, a school troublemaker, her close friend (and daughter), once pointed out she often misbehaved in school. Despite this, Amy was a protective, maternal figure for Mels (who is later revealed to be her daughter).

Amy calls the Doctor her best friend. Her bond with him is almost religious. She feels he could fix anything. Despite her tough exterior, Amy can’t always hide her emotions and is devastated when faced with the loss of loved ones. When the Doctor left her on Earth, she broke down in tears.

In her time on the TARDIS, Amy was heroic, saving the lives of the Doctor, Rory, River and others. She was willing to remain in the clutches of enemies to let her friends escape. Her mind, altered by her growing up with a crack in space and time in her bedroom wall, restored erased beings to the universe using only her memories. She knew time could be rewritten and hoped there was a way to rewrite it to avoid the Doctor's death. She could remember alternate timelines.

Amy showed a ruthless streak. In an alternate timeline, she killed Madame Kovarian for having stolen her baby from her. She was conflicted about this later.

Amelia Pond Appearance_zps4a095d61
Ethnicity: Scottish
Hair Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Green
Distinguishing Features: Amy has a penchant for short skirts. She also almost always wears a silver necklace with a silver 'A' pendant
Face Claim: Karen Gillan

Amelia Pond Skillsandpowers_zps847298ff
Skills and Talents: Skilled at handling swords and (alien) guns. Can pick a lock with nothing but a hairpin.
Powers: N/A

Amelia Pond History_zps2ddf5b86
  • Parents: Augustus and Tabetha Pond (deceased)
  • Siblings: None
  • Other Important Figures: Aunt Sharon, the Doctor, Melody Pond/River Song,

History: Amy is the first companion of the Doctor in his eleventh incarnation. She is the wife of human nurse Rory Williams and the mother of River Song. She was born in Scotland in 1989. Her parents, were swallowed by the crack in her wall and Amelia was raised by her aunt Sharon in the small town of Leadworth. Despite living so long in England, she never lost her Scottish accent.

Amy's first meeting with the Eleventh Doctor was at the age of seven. Amelia met the Eleventh Doctor on Easter in 1996; his TARDIS, damaged by his regeneration, crashed in her garden. He offered to take her with him, but first, to stop the TARDIS engines phasing, he had to take a quick trip five minutes into the future. Amy waited for twelve years, unaware that a criminal multi-form called Prisoner Zero was hiding in her house.

While waiting, Amelia was obsessed with her "Raggedy Doctor". She created dolls, comics and dress-up games about him and made her friends take part. Sharon sent Amy to four psychiatrists who told her the Doctor wasn't real. She bit them. In secondary school, her best friends were Rory Williams, whom she thought gay because he paid no attention to other girls, and Mels, who was actually their daughter from the 52nd century. Mels made her understand Rory had been paying attention to Amy and she returned his affections.

The Doctor returned in 2008 when she was calling herself "Amy" to distance herself from her "fairy tale" name. She was Rory's girlfriend and worked as a kiss-o-gram. Though dubious, she helped the Doctor defeat Prisoner Zero and warn the Atraxi never to return to Earth. He took two years to take the TARDIS to the moon to break in the new engines. Amy was engaged to be wed to Rory on 26 June 2010. The night before, the Doctor returned to keep his fourteen-year-old promise. She joined him on condition she be returned before morning. She did not mention her wedding.

During her adventures with the Doctor, she came close to death. After this trauma, Amy told the Doctor she was getting married and tried to seduce him. He collected Rory and took them to romantic Venice in1580 to repair their relationship. When the TARDIS crew was trapped between reality and dream worlds, the Dream Lord taunted Amy about her confused relationship with the Doctor and Rory, forcing her to choose between them. When Rory died in the dream, she realised she did not wish to live without him. On finding him alive in reality, she made it clear to him for the first time that his feelings were fully reciprocated.

At one point Rory was erased from time. The Doctor, feeling guilty for Rory's loss, took Amy to wonderful places. On one of these trips, they met Vincent van Gogh with whom Amy developed a close bond. She was deeply upset that despite their efforts, he still killed himself. Later she was reunited with Rory, who was now an Auton. Her memories of him returned and he shot her. The Doctor put Amy in the Pandorica. The TARDIS had exploded and cracked time. To repair the universe, the Doctor sacrificed himself into the cracks. Amy restored the family she had lost, as well as a human Rory. The Doctor was erased from time. Amy was married to Rory. At the reception she caught sight of River Song passing by the window. She found River's diary on the table and remembered details of the Doctor, then recalled him entirely and restored him to reality with her time-altered mind. The Doctor, Rory and she bade goodbye to Leadworth and departed on another adventure.
Amy kept her maiden name rather than becoming Amy Williams. The Doctor began calling Rory "Mr. Pond”.

Amy and Rory returned to Earth soon after they had left. Amy was pregnant and was kidnapped, getting replaced by a ganger duplicate to whom her mind was linked, making it seem she had not been abducted. Her adventures with the Doctor and Rory continued.
Amy awoke in her real body on Demon's Run. She was full-term pregnant and entered labour. Amy named her daughter Melody for her friend, Mels. Melody was taken by Madame Kovarian and replaced by a ganger to help trap the Doctor. The Doctor and Rory came with an army, took Demon's Run and rescued Amy. After the Battle of Demon's Run, Amy discovered Kovarian's ruse. River appeared and told them she was Melody.

In a prison for a Minotaur, where everyone had a room holding their nightmare, Amy found hers: her younger self, waiting for the Doctor. To defeat the Minotaur, the Doctor destroyed Amy's faith in him. After this, he returned Amy and Rory to a new house some time before they had left, leaving them behind to save them from further risks. Amy was upset, but accepted it. She asked the Doctor to tell River to visit them if he saw her. Amy became a model and was involved in a campaign for Petrichor, a perfume whose name and campaign evoked an adventure with the Doctor.

The Doctor continued to travel alone, but kept in touch with Amy and Rory at least monthly. During this time, Amy and Rory tried having more children; however, Amy discovered that she was now sterile as a result of what was done to her while imprisoned on Demons Run. One day the Doctor left Amy and Rory a message saying he would be seeing them again very soon; this occurred as Amy and Rory had a fight, and Rory stormed out. The fight had been due to Amy's attempt to let Rory have a happier life by letting him go to be with someone who could give him the family he'd always wanted. Eventually the couple divorced.

Amelia Pond OOCInformation_zpsfac7eb1e[/center]
Player’s Name: Calypso
Other Characters: Svetlana Orlova, Maria Hill, Thor Odinson
How You Found Us: *points to staff bar*

Roleplay Sample: Only canons need to fill this in, but OC's are welcome to. This can be a post of yours from a different site.

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Amelia Pond Empty Re: Amelia Pond

Post by Svetlana Orlova on Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:17 pm

Amelia Pond... Such a lovely name. Like something out of a fairy-tale. Wonderful to meet you. *pager goes off* Awfully sorry, gotta dash!

Look, it's me! Hi me! Accepted.

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