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The Soldier Returns Home || Amy Pond, The Doctor

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The Soldier Returns Home || Amy Pond, The Doctor Empty The Soldier Returns Home || Amy Pond, The Doctor

Post by Steve Rogers on Sat Feb 14, 2015 8:49 pm


tag: amy pond, the docter    

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notes: cue back to the future music xD ♥

There were probably better ways to spend his time than to sit in the silence on the common room. At the moment, it was calming and pressing all at once. Steve didn't want to be among all of the clash and bang of a crowd at the moment. He wanted time to think, alone and in the quiet. As usual though, those thoughts had quickly brought him to the question of time.

The soldier leaned back in his seat, hands folded across his lap as he allowed his mind to roam further, reaching for the comforting memories of a time he knew he'd never get back, and the people he had lost within that delicate thing known as time. Finally, he shook his head, one of his hands coming to rest against his head. He usually hated it like this. There was nothing he could do to change what had happened and nothing he could do to get back what had been lost, and one of these days he would have to swallow it. But why, after seventy years, did the memories have to be so fresh and hurt so much?

The answer was simple enough, but that didn't mean he had to like it. And the truth was that he didn't. He didn't like it at all. He could put on a good face for the whole of the world, but it was all of the time that he didn't have anything else to do that got him. It seemed crazy that he would wish for those days back, but he was wishing he had them. For one more day watching them all trade insults and for one more day by the sides of those that he had grown closest to - the ones that had given him such support that he felt he could never properly repay. His friends. Steve finally sighed, shaking his head crossly at himself and gazing unseeingly across the room at one of the walls. Those times were many decades past. He'd told himself that a million times. For all of the new friends he'd made and the support they gave him in trying to situate himself back into society, there would be nothing that would give him those times back. Nothing that would give him any of his Commandos back, or Howard, or... No. He cut himself off abruptly, almost wincing at the next name he wanted to list. That one hurt the most. What he would've given to be able to...

He couldn't keep doing it to himself, but he felt it would be an injustice to just forget everyone he had known. They were people he swore he'd never forget. Finally, Steve shook his head once more to clear it. He needed something to keep his mind away from those times now, even if it would only be a little escape. Maybe even a conversation would help... He'd come up here to escape people, but it seemed that talking with someone else might actually be a solution to help him out. If he couldn't take his mind off of it completely, then maybe talking it out with someone who was an outsider looking in would give him some sort of comfort from it. The male frowned, shaking his head slightly at that thought before he leaned forward on the table, running a hand over his face to further clear his thoughts. To be honest, he didn't know what he was looking for any more... And that was probably the one thing that continued to haunt him more than anything else, and he would've bet that it had everything to do with why he just couldn't find a fully stable point in this new world just yet.

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The Soldier Returns Home || Amy Pond, The Doctor Empty Re: The Soldier Returns Home || Amy Pond, The Doctor

Post by Amy Pond on Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:28 pm

Amy Pond was thoroughly frustrated. It wasn't that she hated her new job at SHIELD. On the contrary, working for a secret government agency as an aliens specialist and travelling around the globe helping to prevent invasions and hostile takeovers was tonnes of fun for the adrenaline-junkie redhead. Not to mention her pay was incredible. Maybe not as incredible as what she used to get paid for standing in front of a camera and posing all day, but Amy was willing to overlook that detail because though she'd enjoyed modelling, compared to her new work it was absolutely boring.

But despite her newfound love of alien-and-demon hunting, there was something severely lacking. All her recent cases seemed to involve too much gore, too much shooting and way too much running, even going by the Doctor's standards. Amy missed adventures with the Doctor dreadfully. Most of all, she missed him. She'd lost track of exactly how many months it had been since she'd last seen the raggedy man. She had almost given up on listening out to the TARDIS sound too, though at the very back of her mind she was hopeful that one of these days she would get to hear it once again. Just for one last adventure, for old time's sake.

Today Amy had spent the better part of the day dodging all the responsibilities she'd been given by Deputy Director Hill. She was supposed to be doing research on the elusive Torchwood who were the only ones still missing from Director Fury's Saving-The-World Team. Either Torchwood were really good at covering their tracks, or SHIELD was really lazy with tracking them down because the task now fell to her, since apparently Sherlock Holmes had better things to do with his time than solve the delightful puzzle of 'who the hell were Torchwood really and why they were hiding so well that not even an agencies of spies could locate them'. She couldn't figure out why he didn't want the case; it seemed right up his alley.

But Amy wasn't complaining. Not really. After the week that she'd had, she needed a long break and though spending all day reading through files wasn't really her idea of relaxing (give her a good book over a boring case file any day of the week), at least she got to sit back with a hot cup of tea with no one pestering her or trying to kill her and devour her soul. So after a super late breakfast and making sure that Gerald was tucked up in bed, sound asleep, she picked up the all the files that she'd been given on Torchwood and headed to the EMH Common Room. She hoped that there she would find sufficient distraction from the task at hand; she really did not want to spend all day sifting through files.

Swiping her keycard to enter the common room, she smiled as she spotted Steve. "Dodging work too, I see," she greeted him teasingly, the grin not leaving her lips. She walked over and dropped her files next to one of the couches and stretched herself out upon it like a cat in front of a fireplace, crossing her feet at her ankles. For a long moment she watched Steve before finally speaking. "A penny for your thoughts? You're looking awfully pensive today... Anything I can do to help lighten the load?"

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The Soldier Returns Home || Amy Pond, The Doctor Empty Re: The Soldier Returns Home || Amy Pond, The Doctor

Post by The Doctor* on Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:17 pm

The Doctor held a tray of coffee in one hand, while with the other he worked the controls of the TARDIS, hearing that familiar wonderful churning sound as the ship flew through the Time Vortex. It was just after another one of his adventures with Amy Pond, and she had said she wanted him to pick up Coffee. He agreed, and this is what lead up to the situation now. Holdong the coffee in his left hand, trying desperately not to spill the cups, while his right hand pulled the various levers and pushed the numerous buttons. Piloting the TARDIS one handed wasn't hard, but holding something in his other hand made it considerably difficult. After a few minutes, he had checked the monitor, happy he had arrived in the EMH commons room, where Amy said she would be waiting. He quickly ran to the doors, opening them with his free hand.
The Soldier Returns Home || Amy Pond, The Doctor Egg_0511
"I have refreshments!!!" The Time Lord proclaimed, a goofy smile on his face as he looked over to Amy, and then looked over to Steve. "Ah, Ice Man!" he said, nodding toward the soldier. "Good to see you're here too!"
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The Soldier Returns Home || Amy Pond, The Doctor Empty Re: The Soldier Returns Home || Amy Pond, The Doctor

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