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Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch

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Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch Empty Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch

Post by Wanda Maximoff on Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:39 pm

Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch 7a827955d230ddc165f32087b0923b36
"But is it necessary to plant such fear in the hearts of the people?"

Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.

Full Name: Wanda Maximoff
Nicknames/Aliases: Scarlet Witch
Age: round 20
Occupation: Hydra
Home Town: Slovakia

I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

Species: Human (Mutant)
Sexual Preference: Biseuxal
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Sokovian
Ethnicity: Sokovian
Eye Colour: Brown (sometimes red)
Hair Colour: Brown
Defining Features: N/A
Face Claim: Elizabeth Olsen

Big flashy lighty things have got me written all over them. Not actually. Give me time. And a crayon.

Personality: Wanda is someone who is calm and tries to stay that way because when she goes out of check say to upset or anger or just to scared she loses control. But she is very calm and try's her best to stay that way but she had trouble with it. She is protective of her brother but doesn't show it a lot she shows it in her way but she isn't obvious about it. She keeps it hidden. She hates it when someone try's to tell her what to do but she will listen to them. She is also very snappy she will come back with a sassy remark if someone says something she doesn't like.

Skills and Talents: N/A
Hex shield

Family don't end with blood, boy.

Magda (Mother, Dead)
Django Maximoff (Foster father, dead)
Marya Maximoff (Foster mother, dead)
Pietro Maximoff (Brother,Alive)
Other Important Figures: n/a
History:Wanda Maximoff was born in the Eastern European country of Sokovia along with her brother, Pietro. At the age of ten, while having dinner with her family, a mortar shell hit their apartment building, killing Maximoff's parents and trapping her and his brother. A second shell hit the apartment near them but did not go off; the Maximoff twins were left trapped for two days staring at the unexploding shell reading the name on it, Stark Industries. This traumatic experience gave the twins a great hatred for America, especially Tony Stark and later the Avengers. They often took part and led protests against the Avengers. They dedicated much of their lives to this hatred and began searching for ways to bring down the Avengers; this constant political activity put them on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar.

Scarlet Witch practicing her abilities while imprisoned by Baron Strucker.
When the twins reached adulthood, Sokovia had become a warzone, with foreign forces invading their streets frequently. Wanda and her brother took part in various riots to drive the foreign forces out of their streets. What the twins did not realize was that the riots were orchestrated by HYDRA, who had taken up residence in the country and were using the riots to cover up their illegal experiments. One day, Wanda and Pietro were approached by List, a scientist at the the HYDRA cell in Sokovia, who offered them the opportunity to achieve the power needed to drive war out of Sokovia. Initially skeptical, Wanda was convinced by Pietro to agree.

Along with other volunteers from the town, Wanda and Pietro underwent a series of tests where they were exposed to energy from the Scepter, which had fatal effects on the others. Wanda and Pietro, however, experienced exceedingly different effects. The power of the scepter unlocked latent supernatural powers within the pair; while Pietro achieved superhuman speed, Wanda attained a number of mental powers such as telekinesis, hypnosis, and energy projection.

Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.

Alias: Rebecca (Becca)
Contact Information: Pm of email
Other Characters: N/A
How Did You Find Us? A different site

I have searched for the phrase "I shall walk the Earth and my hunger shall know no bounds," but I keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers.

Roleplay Sample: Wanda looked around the street she was on her own. Her twin was off doing God knows what but most likely bugging some poor person. Wanda on the other hand felt like just taking a walk her eyes a soft brown and her hair pulled back into a hair tie. She often put it like this when she found it too hot outside or just felt like putting her hair. Her eyes studied everyone wondering what was going on in there head. She sighed and shook her head before walking a bit more coming to a bench in an alleyway. She sighed and looked around. She decided to relax for a moment.

Wanda took a seat and bit her lip as she leaned back. She wondered what in the world Pietro was doing. She could take some guesses but she would ether dislike the answer or not want to know all together. She laughed softly as her mind wandered. Today was a sunny day with a bit of wind the wind blew her hair around. She thought about all the things that had happen to her over her lifetime all the things her and Pietro had to overcome or just the things Wanda herself had to overcome. She sighed and shook her head not wanting to start getting upset in public. She slowly stood up and slowly as she focused on keeping calm wandering back into the streets of New York and headed slowly back home. Just thinking and keeping to herself ignoring everyone around her.

Credit goes to Theta of CAUTION 2.0
Edits by Miss Calypso

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Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff

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Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch Empty Re: Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch

Post by Phil Coulson on Sat Jun 06, 2015 6:47 pm

Thank you for your interest in the site but we are unfortunately unable to accept your character in its current state at the present time. This site mainly goes by a Marvel Cinematic Universe canon for its Marvel characters and while we accept characters whom have only appeared in the comics and adapting elements of the comics into characters whom have been adapted into movies, we unfortunately require that it stick to Marvel Cinematic Universe canon.

The main points we will need you to change are:

  • Occupation, since the Twins are not yet Avengers, please change this, as of present time of the sites timeline they are working for Baron Strucker and HYDRA.
  • Parentage and family, please remove any references to Magneto and Anya
  • Nationality and Ethnicity, please change it to Sokovian as defined by Age of Ultron
  • Powers, please change it to the powers as defined by Age of Ultron
  • Origin of powers, please change it to how the Twins obtained their powers to what was seen in Age of Ultron

As soon as these points have been rectified, please send a message to site administration to take another look at your character application
Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson
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Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch Empty Re: Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch

Post by Phil Coulson on Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:17 am

Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch 280?cb=20150101010410
Hail HYDRA, Wanda Maximoff.

Your title is Test Subject and you will report to Baron Wolfgang Von Stucker.
Failure will not be tolerated in HYDRA, you are expected to perform all you tasks at
peak efficiency. Treachery and incompetence will  be met with immediate execution.


Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson
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Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch Empty Re: Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch

Post by Sponsored content

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