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Might makes right // Wanda Maximoff

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Might makes right // Wanda Maximoff Empty Might makes right // Wanda Maximoff

Post by Wolfgang Von Strucker on Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:59 pm


The age of miracles has begun and HYDRA was at the forefront of creating enhanced humans. Strucker has managed to used the alien spectre Loki used during the New York Crisis to create enhanced humans, Garrett had managed to create the Centipede supersoldiers and from Strucker's knowledge Reinhardt/Whitehall has managed to find a method to regain youth. HYDRA was truly going to lead humanity to the future, to a better brighter world, a world with order under the iron fist of HYDRA.

Strucker was standing on a balcony at the castle HYDRA had taken over in Sokovia. He had a tablet in his hand and he was reviewing the research he had obtained from the spectre and was planning out the future. Strucker was trying to figure out what made the Maximoff twins so special that they had managed to survive the experiments HYDRA had performed to create enhanced humans. Strucker's method out of all of HYDRA's enhancement programs has managed to create the strongest enhanced humans, but at the same time it had the highest casualty rate.

If only HYDRA could figure out what made the twins special they would have an army of enhanced soldiers under its command and then the world will tremble beneath its might. Project INSIGHT may have failed but if Strucker managed to mass produce people with the powers of the Maximoff he and HYDRA would be able to rule the world. He and HYDRA would be able to bring order and peace to the world.

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Wolfgang Von Strucker
Wolfgang Von Strucker
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Might makes right // Wanda Maximoff Empty Re: Might makes right // Wanda Maximoff

Post by Wanda Maximoff on Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:04 pm

Wanda was leaning in her cell her eyes blood shot from staying up all night. Again. She sighed she missed her brother. She knew he was only in the next cell over but it hurt her to not be able to see him. She didnt know when she last saw him maybe yesterday maybe a week ago she couldn't remember. She looked at the door of her cell just watching diffrent men wander in and out of the room. She sighed. She woundered what tests she would have to do now. Would she have to train her powers more. Maybe they would make her work with weapons. Or just see how far she get be pushed. She sighed.

She looked at the wooden cubes that were always left in her cell for her to practice with. She lifted them up a red glow surrding her hands. She smiled this always calmed her. One day she would show Pietro how beautiful the red glow was. Soon they would be done with these tests and stuff Struker had for them and they would leave. Hopefully. But she wanted to hurt him. Hurt Stark. Like he had hurt her and her brother. So before her and Pietro could live in peace she would hurt stark.

Wanda let the cubes drop quickly as she watched a gaurd stand in front of her cell door. They looked at her. Almost like taking notes or something in their mind. She didnt know. She sighed and leaned against the wall. Woundering if Pietro was running around again or leaning against the wall mirroring her movements. She looked at her hands. Bruised and beatend from all the tests. She hated this but she also knew this was for the greater good. She just leaned back and rested.
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