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Post by Castiel on Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:16 pm

   CASTIEL Picture here of your charrie here (maximum 500px width!)
    ”I find the world full of things I never knew exsisted...
How do I find myself in between?”


Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.

   Full Name: Castiel / James "Jimmy" Novak (vessel, human)
   Nicknames/Aliases: Cas, Clarence
   Age: n/a
   Occupation: Angel
   Home Town: Heaven

I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

   Species: Angel, Human (former)
   Sexual Preference: n/a
   Marital Status: Single (but can change)
   Ethnicity: American/Caucasian
   Eye Colour: Blue/Green/Grey
   Hair Colour: Brown
   Defining Features: signature clothing: standard businessman suit attire (bit crumpled though) and long beige coat
   Face Claim: Misha Collins

Big flashy lighty things have got me written all over them. Not actually. Give me time. And a crayon.

   Personality: Serious. Devoted.

Castiel is an angel, therefore under complete devotion for God. He's serious about his tasks and doesn't show emotions. Basically emotionless.

However, upon gaining task to look after human race and observe for possible demons attack and many more tasks Castiel has slowly developed an interest (curiosity, as he calls it himself) about humans and their emotions.

On contrary to major opinions Cas actually cares. And he isn't as void of emotions and feelings as he believes (probably because he still has to learn so much about human race- which is one of his tasks).
And despite former experiences he doesn't kill humans. Only demons and other bad things.

   Skills and Talents: Social skills- is obviously NOT YET his cup of tea. However, occasionally he can burst a rather presentable performance.
Cas can apparently draw attention to himself (yeah, not exactly a GQ material with that rumpled look) but can be bossy when needed.
His skills and talents, though, are mostly what his powers are... However, he's having a secret skill/talent- playing piano- which somehow had magically appeared upon his arrival. Either it's a joke of God's or essential skill for his task. Though Cas still needs to try out singing yet... might come out not that bad... or not?
   Powers: As an Angel of God, Castiel is an extremely
powerful being. Merely perceiving his actual
form typically results in blindness, as the
appearance of his natural "visage" is so
overwhelming that it is capable of burning a
individual's eyes from their sockets, including
those possessed by a demon. However,
according to Castiel himself, certain "special
people" are able to tolerate his true
appearance and voice.
Apparently, one can protect
themselves from such personal damage by
shielding their eyes, and perhaps their ears,
from the presence of a Angel.
Castiel possesses astounding power, though his
abilities are apparently not completely
limitless. He is apparently immortal and
invulnerable to mortal harm.
He is capable of
possessing a Human and fully utilizing their
body, yet he claims that his host is, or
possibly was, a "devout man who prayed for
it". This possibly indicates that Castiel is
adverse to possessing a sentient being, and
would not had done so if the man had not
prayed for it, though he has not appeared to
be particularly fazed by this. Castiel typically
displays very little emotion and always exhibits
an extremely somber disposition. He has not
been observed to smile or express any strong
emotions. According to the fallen Angel Anna,
Angels possibly do not possess the ability to
truly feel emotion.
Castiel also possesses the ability to seemingly
vanish and materialize from thin air. How he
accomplishes this has not been elaborated on,
yet as he is an Angel and possesses wings, he
could possibly be flying from one place to
another, only moving so fast as to become
unperceivable. Another possibility is that he
possesses an ability to teleport, though flying
seems to be more likely, as both he and his
partner have been observed suddenly
appearing at a location accompanied by the
sound of flapping wings and a sudden rush of
air. Though he typically seems to attempt to
avoid fighting, he is a very formidable
opponent when need be, and is apparently
practically unstoppable when facing mortal
possesses the ability to kill or exorcise a
demon simply by touching his palm to the
forehead of it's host.  Castiel usually deals with
troublesome Humans by touching his finger to
their foreheads, which apparently results in
instant unconsciousness. He is also fully
immune to every defense used against demons
and other supernatural entities, such as salt
Castiel also possesses the ability to bend time
and teleport himself and another backwards
through time.
Apparently, Castiel is not only capable of
entering and exiting Hell at will and without
harm, but also of extracting a particular soul
in the process. Castiel also appears to be
capable of projecting at least a portion of his
true self from his host.

Despite his vast
power and knowledge, however, Castiel is not
completely immune to harm. He can
apparently be hurt and killed by powerful
Though Castiel himself
and Angels in general are not fully immune to
death and harm.

Family don't end with blood, boy.

   Parents: God
   Siblings: fellow Angels
   Other Important Figures: n/a
   History: Generally Castiel is an Angel. His most tasks had involved demon hunt and other God-sent businesses he was important enough to do.

However sometime he was sent to Earth for something that involved human, man devoted to God who had wanted to have a contact with him- Jimmy Novak. So with a consent from human he took over his new vessel.
It was only way to be among humans since the true form of Angel is too much.

But after some events and brief separation from his vessel Cas was called back, Jimmy was injured and dying. And he was asking Castiel to take his body which Castiel eventually agreed.

After a while and many activities (demon hunts, fights) Cas was sent back to Earth for a task. This time it didn't make much sense to him but nevertheless he obeyed and went to London.
He had to take up human behavior and get an apartment to fit in since his home now was Earth.
He started to observe and learn things about humans and to accept their rules (generally).
Despite possessing no emotions whatsoever he was slowly getting to it and albeit humans seem funny Cas slowly started to see them as more than mess-creators and silly beings with lacking sense of self-preservation.

Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.

   Alias: Ev
   Contact Information: PM/FB/other social networks if you know where I hang out
   Other Characters:  Michelle and Cade Fosters
   How Did You Find Us? Thanks to Caly

I have searched for the phrase "I shall walk the Earth and my hunger shall know no bounds," but I keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers.

   Roleplay Sample:
Her words made Patrick to start on flipping the film back. He clearly knew he was at the lab most of the day. He knew he was procrastinating and evading work so he could do a bit of small prank party on Mich for the last 'lock-up' time. (Not that he minded Neal's company) and he'd wanted to find Ryan and ask something about... something that was now eaten by his amnesia.

Jane could only recall leaving lab and getting out of locker room. Those were really clear memories. The shine of the floors in the afternoon sun, the glittering of machines in the glass see-through environment. He clearly as now recalled the buzz, soft murmur of the people talking and things working in the background as he walked down the hall... The smell of coffee and chemical compounds investigators used for evidence examination and testing.
He could almost taste the muffin reception girl had on her desk, he nearly feel the conditioned air of the lab's inner atmosphere flowing through his nostrils. Almost felt his mouth pulling the muscles into a smile he cast upon everyone in his way. The reflection of the orange sun shining on his face and blinding him a bit as he was squinting to see his way out of the hallway and he could literally hear the ding of an elevator he was heading towards.
It was all so palpable, so alive in his memory.

Then why everything after elevator door closing seems so pale suddenly? Why all he could feel there was like a deep fog in early morning?  What has happened to him?

Jane opened his blue eyes, not remembering closing them, and rubbed his tired face with one hand. He felt his skin hot under the palm of his hand, felt all the sweat and bit of random dirt.
Even that felt more real than what his mind was hiding.

"I don't know, Lara." the blonde man said with a sigh, "I can practically feel, taste, smell and hear everything that was around me all the way until elevator. The door closes and my memory fades. Like a fog. The more I try the more fog takes over. And I know I did remember more when I told you earlier. Everything gets really vivid of before, more than earlier, but all that happened after more blurry." and with that a proverbial light bulb lights up above his head. Of course, how blind one could be in an empty car. That was it.
He suddenly jumped up to his feet, not sure how he gotten down, and starts pacing, ignoring the vertigo threatening to put him down again. "Of course! That has to be it." he excitedly calls out like discovering a new planet, or species. But then world suddenly tilts and turns black...

Credit goes to Theta of CAUTION 2.0
   Edits by Miss Calypso

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