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Maria and Selene (Open to SHIELD)

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Maria and Selene (Open to SHIELD) Empty Maria and Selene (Open to SHIELD)

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:45 am

Selene was in Las Vegas in a pretty good restaurant, she liked the place a lot. For one thing, she owned the place... with her best friend and 'sister' Onyx, who was also not from earth.
For andother, the restaurant was almost always full. Now it was nearing 7 pm and Selene was just eating her favorite meal, grilled steak. She was wearing black running shoes, a pair of jeans, and tanktop with a light leather jacket over it. She Smirked at the thought of herself in modern day human clothing but she has gotten used to the change in the was people dress.
She closed her eyes for a minit, thinking back to decades and centuries earlier. She had trouble remembering things 1000's of years ago but still have memories of that time. She became lost in her memories for a few minits.

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Maria and Selene (Open to SHIELD) Empty Re: Maria and Selene (Open to SHIELD)

Post by Maria Hill on Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:19 pm

- - - - - - - - - -
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Las Vegas. The city that never sleeps. The city of sin. A city that obviously didn't know the dictionary definition of Winter. It was an extremely pleasant change from icy England. Maria had come to like London as it reminded her a lot of New York. But she still missed America though. British culture was just so different to what she was used to. It wasn't even big things, like how they drove on the wrong side of the road. It was little things, like their colloquialisms that she couldn't understand, mannerisms that were foreign to her, and the fact that just about everyone treated her like a tourist the moment they heard her accent. So the mission to Vegas with the Winchester brothers to hunt down a vampire nest had been a godsend. She was home again. Sort of.

It had all started when attractive females started going missing outside famous Vegas bars and clubs. Then the corpses started turning up, days later. All of them drained almost entirely of their blood, with puncture wounds in their necks unlike any animal SHIELD had ever seen before. It took the Winchester brothers all of two minutes to go over all the photos and come to a conclusion: vampires. So here she was, helping to track and kill vampires for the first time in her life. It was unlikely, however, to be her last.

They'd killed three fledglings tonight; humans that had been turned into vampires but were utterly uncontrollable due to their new-found bloodlust. But the rest of the vampires were not to be found and it was in vain that the trio searched. Finally, tired, hungry and frustrated that the nest was proving to be harder to find than they'd thought, Maria had called it a night. Now here she was at a fancy restaurant while the boys were up to gods knew what. No doubt Sam had stayed in to research something, while Dean was already busy enjoying the delights of Vegas strippers. Ordering a steak and a tall cold beer, Maria leaned back, watching the quiet hubbub of the restaurant. She'd had doubts when Fury had started making this team of his, but it was all coming together quite nicely. And this was fun - going places, killing monsters. I love my job...

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Maria and Selene (Open to SHIELD) Empty Re: Maria and Selene (Open to SHIELD)

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:11 am

Unknown to her one of her newly turned vamps was just waking up in a nearby alley and out of rage and being blinded by bloodlust, was rushing towards a direction, and stopped right infront of Selene's restaurant. the girl let out a scream of rage and animalistic pain. She leaped threath the hard wooden door into the restaurant. She jumped at an older couple sitting near Selene.  
To the noise, Selene's eyes shot open and glared around. She glared at the animalistic woman who destroyed the door.
She knew that she girl was far stonger then the avagare humans, and that shere was something wrong with her. Selene looked at the older cople when the girl ruched at them. The girl was not olny much stonger then normal humans, but was much faster too. Amazon shoved her table aside and leaped at the woman. By now, the people who where anywhere near the wild girl, where running and climbing away in fear. Amazon managed to shove the woman away, who slammed into the wall. Amazon yelled out.
" Everybody, get down now! " She barked and as the otherwise attractive girl leaped at her, she sent a hard punch into her face, sending the girl stumbling backwards. Selene then sent a hard nee into her stomach, but was hardly effected by the very powerful hit. Selene wondered what the woman's problem was. But she knew that the other was a super.
Suddenly the woman snarled at her and wanted to bite her. Selene helt her wrist up and her wrist gurads took the otherwise bonecrushing power of the bite. With her other hand, she sent a hard punch to the womans head but was surpised when her fast hit was blocked with mild effort. She was then shoved and sent flying against the opposite wall. She shook the impact off and as the woman ruched at her again, slashing at her side. It took her by surprise and Selene let out a painful yell but still continued her fight. She jumped up and kicked the animal woman in the face.

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Maria and Selene (Open to SHIELD) Empty Re: Maria and Selene (Open to SHIELD)

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