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Darkest Reign - A Mutant Dominated Marvel RP

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Darkest Reign - A Mutant Dominated Marvel RP Empty Darkest Reign - A Mutant Dominated Marvel RP

Post by Snarf on Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:06 am

Darkest Reign - A Mutant Dominated Marvel RP Ad-1_zps84d24e8d
[Plot][Guidelines][Character List][Character Creation][Advertise]

Darkest Reign centers around a world where Mutants have become the dominant species. Over the last few decades, a boom in the occurrence of mutant births have caused them to recently surpass the human population in terms of raw numbers. Mutants now live openly and freely, the vast majority of laws and regulations that once suppressed mutants having been abolished, taking up residence and careers beside humans. Meanwhile, Humanity as a whole is struggling with the uncertainty of their future. With the continued existence of the Homo-Sapien species growing ever more bleak by the day, they have no intention of going down without a fight.


We are an Intermediate - Advanced 18+ AU Marvel community that prides ourselves on our friendly member base and our expansive writing freedoms. We provide the unique opportunity to revise any Marvel canon however you wish, and we really encourage you to make the characters your own. Any character or ability, canon or otherwise, can be balanced to fit within our world, and our staff is always here and eager to help. NO characters are forbidden, NO powers are restricted, and NO ideas are instantly banned. We welcome Original Characters with open arms and a lax view on abilities. The same logic applies. If you can think of it, you can balance it to fit.

On Darkest Reign, the choice is entirely yours!

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