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Won't Back Down [Marvel/DC Site, Open Canons!] Empty Won't Back Down [Marvel/DC Site, Open Canons!]

Post by devi b on Tue Dec 03, 2013 10:47 am

Won't Back Down [Marvel/DC Site, Open Canons!] PLOTTHING

[blockquote][blockquote]It all started when a crystal dropped into existence, punched a hole in time and space and landed into the lap of one the most insane men to ever walk the Earth. At first, the clown didn't know what he had been gifted with, stuck in his cell in Arkham, staring at the reddish purple crystal laying innocently on the dirty stone floor. And then the voices started, telling him of another universe, talking of power and chaos beyond what he could have ever dreamed. Joker followed through, wanting to know where this would go, wanting to find out just how much fun it would be.

With a little strong armed help, a machine was rigged to harness the power in the little crystal and much too eager for the party to begin, Joker tossed the switch. In a sudden, disorienting flash the maps of the world had changed, people and things that had never even been seen in a dream suddenly blinked into existence, the clowns world had collided with another. It's only been a few months since then and uneasy alliances have formed between the heroes of either word, the villains though, oh those crafty villains, they have a trick or two up their collective sleeves.

Brought together in an admittedly shaky truce under one man, their goal was to bring the SHIELD organization and all heroes associated with it to their knees. And they did. Loki got his scepter back, and in the aftermath of the commotion, while the ruins of facilities still smoldered and the dead were still being mourned, the real reason reared its ugly head. The tentacles of the once thought dormant HYDRA moved, and in a plan both brilliant as it was disturbing, they let loose a mutagenic virus on the world. Some people were naturally resistant, some have begun to mutate, some simply died from the strain on their bodies. The goal? To frame the mutants and start a war, so who are you with? It's time to pick a side and show the world

-Active site
-A continuing site wide plot has been started,
This is just the tip of the iceberg but don't worry
new characters are always welcome to join in!
-Looking for major canons
-Original Characters are also welcome.

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Needed Characters
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