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Post by Phil Coulson on Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:55 am

even a wise man may fall


NOTES: Thought I might start the next part of the plot

It had been about a hour or so since Doctor Orlova, Agent Romanova and Barton had left his office, Coulson had spent most of that time calling in favours and trying to formulate a plan on how the team would operate once they arrive in Ukraine. It turns out that a couple of agencies had some rather interesting intel for him. According to Coulson's contacts, it seems that certain person of interests whom were associated with an old Soviet spy project were in the area and suggest that SHIELD should that a look.

The project which seems to have been reopened in Ukraine was one called Red Room according to his contacts. Red Room, that gave Coulson a bad feeling in his gut, the project was disturbing and unethical on so many different levels. Coulson was a spy, he was an efficient spy, but he had orals unlike many of those whom share his profession. Coulson had a file on the organization on his hands and as he read it, the things just made him sick, the things this organization was willing to do on children to create super spies.

Even if Red Room was not behind the attack on the SHIELD team, Coulson decided that if the team had the time after the recovery, they would shut this thing down permanently if it was back in action. Coulson could not in good conscious allow any organization similar to Red Room remain operational. Even if Coulson had no moral qualms about Red Room, Red Room also posed a global security threat, and SHIELD was made to deal with threats like this.

After another half an hour or so of reviewing file on Red Room and Ukraine, Coulson took up his phone and sent a message to Doctor Orlova, Agent Romanova and Barton. Coulson informed them that he was ready and they should meet him at the hangars. Once he was done sending the message, Coulson gathered up the files, got up and started to walk toward the hangar bay.

As Coulson headed to the hangar bay, he stopped by the armory to obtain a firearm and some ammunition for the mission. Once he obtained the firearm and ammunition, he walked over to the hangar bay and started to wait for Romanova, Barton, Orlova and whomever the medical team Orlova decided she wanted to bring with her.

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