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All The Right Friends In All The Wrong Places // Natasha Romanova

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All The Right Friends In All The Wrong Places // Natasha Romanova Empty All The Right Friends In All The Wrong Places // Natasha Romanova

Post by Alexis Trevelyan on Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:57 pm

All The Right Friends In All The Wrong Places // Natasha Romanova Egg_0311

Alexis had been called into the office of her boss at the SIS, she knew she had a new mission and had a couple of suspicions on what the mission was. A few days ago, Catherine Falsworth the daughter of Brian Falsworth, the former director of the SIS had disappeared. Alexis knew the truth, Catherine had been kidnapped, and how did Alexis know the truth? Well leaked information to the kidnappers which would have allowed them to snatch Miss Falsworth.

Why the hell would Alexis ever do such a thing? Alexis had always felt she was wronged by the British government, and especially Falsworth. Alexis's parents had been officials in the Soviet Union whom tried defecting to the United Kingdom, but they were turned back to certain death. Alexis herself was allowed to stay and eventually she joined the SIS, whom thought she had been way too young for them to remember their betrayal, my god they were wrong.

Alexis walked into her bosses office, and was informed that they would be waiting for one more agent. Alexis was informed that Falsworth called in a few favours to have SHIELD send in an agent to help with the search and rescue of his daughter. Alexis wondered whom the other agent was, but it didn't matter, Alexis had covered her tracks well and was sure that even if another agent was going to be sent on this rescue operation, the kidnapping would never be traced back to her.

Alexis really did not have a hatred for Miss Falsworth, but she did have a hatred of her father. Catherine Falsworth may just be an unfortunate casualty in Alexis's search of vengeance against Falsworth. Alexis felt slightly bad about targeting Miss Falsworth to get to her father, but in the end, vengeance was all that mattered to Alexis. People getting hurt in the process was just an unfortunate fact of life.

Well, Alexis did intend to rescue Miss Falsworth, since she only wanted to make Brian Falsworth suffer a bit for the time being, she had something bigger in plan for the grand finale of her revenge against the British Government and Brian Falsworth. Alexis intended to leave Catherine mostly out of this revenge plan since she was not to blame for her father's actions.

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