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Post by Guest on Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:19 pm

Gary could not help but look around at the scenery as he hiked up the trail, it was almost nightfall and really was hoping to reach this special location that his father would tell him stories about before he died when Gary was only ten years old.

The story was really a legend about the Eternal Flames. Yes it was a natural phenomena but it was the legend that the ancients came up with. It stated that if you found the flames that you were close to the Mount Olympus.. or The Realm of The Gods. The Geologist has always been fascinated with that story and even has been telling it to his three children before they went to bed as his own father did before he went to bed when he was a wee laddie.

The man came to a stop for a few moments to take a drink of water from his large bottle. He was not just going to be visiting the flames in one spot. There is a whole trail of them. One of the spots can be still seen high in the sky.. and he wanted to see them. It was partially because he wanted to see if the legends were true, that the flames brought the follower closer to The Realm of The Gods.

Having quenched his thirst, Gary stuffed the bottle back into a pocket and secured it in place before pushing on up the trail. It was just a couple minutes later that he had to bring his head light out so that he could see the trail ahead of him. But just ahead he could see the first of the flames.

His heart pounded harder as he got closer, his excitement growing as the flames seemed to get bigger as he got closer. As though they were luring him into getting closer. Then he was finally there, the man dropped his backpack to the ground below and turned his headlight off as he kneeled down to get a better look of the flames, "The Eternal Flames.. to finally see them." Gary got a little closer to the flames in front of him, placing his hand a little closer, laughing as he felt the heat of the flames, " This is amazing.." The man retracted his hand from the flames as they seemed to jump up.

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