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Don't Take It For Granite! // OPEN Empty Don't Take It For Granite! // OPEN

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:32 pm

Gary stopped in front of his desk and held up two large chunks of rock in his hands, "Everything we touch and breath originated in the heart of a volcano.. Even these chunks of rocks that I am holding in my hands." He looked to each row of students that were in front of him, "Can anyone tell me.. or at least guess as to what rocks these are? I will give you a hint.. they are the building blocks of our first lesson. Mountains."

The Geologist stood there quietly for a moment, waiting for an answer. He was not aware at all that he had a visitor or two standing towards the very back of the large classroom waiting for a chance to approach him. The man shook his head and lifted the largest of the two up, "This is Pink Granite. A type of Feldspar from the Rocky mountains in the United States.." Stewart then lifted the second, "And this.. is Andesite. From the Andes Mountain chain in South America. Which this Granite is named after." He set the large rocks down onto his desk and walked around, "Now.. can anyone tell me how mountains are formed?" Again there was silence. Say for one or two students that had their hands raised, "Yes?"

He listened to the two students, he smiled widely at the two female students as both of them explained everything.. with some minor mistakes, "You two are almost correct. Mountains are not just suddenly forced up. It takes time, and a lot of it." He then looked to the time, "But.. we will have to talk about that next time seeing that class is now over." And with that the thirty -six students gathered their things and started heading out the room. Gary on the other hand stayed perched on his desk, holding a special piece of black glass in his hands as he spoke to the two female students from earlier.

As who ever was in the room approached the three people at the Geologist's desk they will here a conversation consisting of, "Yes.. Most if not entire mountain ranges are made from volcanoes.. while others are the result of pushing and crumbling. Continents smashing into each other." Stewart finally noticed the visitors and looked to his students, "[color]But.. if you are on campus later today. I will be glad to talk to you two more about it later.. but for now i must talk to these visitors.[/color]" As the two students left Gary turned his attention to his visitors, "How may I be of service?" He asked curiously.

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