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Just Another Lost Soul // Loki

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Just Another Lost Soul // Loki Empty Just Another Lost Soul // Loki

Post by Maria Hill on Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:45 pm

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a warning to the people, the good and the evil
this is war
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It had been another long and confusing week for Maria Hill; mountains of paperwork, hiding from the curious eyes of her colleagues and escaping mandatory counselling sessions any way she could. She'd missed so many that Fury was on the verge of physically dragging her there. Given that she'd saved his job, however, he was cutting her some slack for now.

All of that, however, wasn't even the confusing part. Maria wasn't prone to nightmares, but ever since the battle of New York she'd been having them almost nightly. The nightmares varied: sometimes Stark wouldn't make it into the portal and the whole of Manhattan would perish, sometimes the metal Leviathans would be the ones destroying all of the city leaving her standing all alone with the dead bodies of the Avengers and civilians strewed around her, while othertimes she'd be getting tortured for hours by Loki. But one thing was always the same - one way or another Phil Coulson would always die in some new way and Loki would walk away, free as a bird.

And now the nightmares were seeping into her daily life, taunting her with illusions of Phil. It had gotten to such a point where Maria was worried that she might have lost it. He was everywhere and the deputy director felt like she was going mad. She'd very quickly learnt that these apparitions were only a trick of her mind and to not pay them much heed, but it was still hard. Especially since now that her dearest friend and the only person Maria would trust her life to was gone, all she felt was an overwhelming loneliness, the kind that she hadn't felt in years. She wanted him back.

The entire situation made her feel like she was perpetually in a nightmare, except in this one she couldn't escape just by waking up.

Shaking her head, Maria sighed and pushed away from her desk to stand. She needed to get away from the office and clear her head. And like for any agent in her situation, there was only one place that would help. The SHIELD bar.

Locking her office and triple-checking that there was no way someone could get in (she really didn't want anyone to chance upon the letter she'd written to Phil saying the things that she should have told him while he was alive), she strode off in the direction of the bar, head held high and a steely look in her eye. She acted as if she was fine, but in actual fact she felt like she was drowning while the rest of her colleagues just looked on in silence.

Maria needed something strong. Something strong to calm and sooth her anxious mind. Swiping her key-card to enter, the brunette wandered over to the bar and sunk down upon a stool, not even aware of the other patrons. "Whiskey, please," she asked of the bartender as he came around to take her drinks order. With a simple nod, he turned around to prepare her request.

When her returned with her drink, it took Maria a good minute to pull herself from the torrent of thoughts in her mind. She managed to utter a thank you, but it was too late - the bartender was already at the other side of the bar, chatting quietly to another agent. Fingers wrapping around the glass, Maria mentally scolded herself. Snap out of it, Hill! You're a SHIELD agent, so act like it. You're fine. She kept repeating the last bit to herself, over and over. After several minutes she could almost begin to believe it. A sigh left her lips and Maria brought her glass to her lips.

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from the right to the left we will fight to the death
to the edge of the earth, it's a brave new world
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OUTFIT``: her usual SHIELD uniform
NOTES``: set a couple of weeks after Phil Coulson's death. and don't worry about matching this length, cos matching lengths is hard.
LYRICS``: this is war by thirty seconds to mars
CREDIT``: this template was made by the amazing TAYLYNOSAURUS REX! of caution 2.0. if you erase this credit & she finds out then she'll either come & steal all your cookies or send you to the realm of eternal tickling: your choice.
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Just Another Lost Soul // Loki Empty Re: Just Another Lost Soul // Loki

Post by Loki on Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:15 am

Just Another Lost Soul // Loki 621871-loki_loki_thor_2011_21916698_333_591
Staying at home was not something that Loki was one to do. And staying put in a cell was out of the question. It was some cause of amusement to the trickster that no one had yet suspected him of sneaking out and leaving an illusion behind to keep the guards fooled. It had crossed his mind that it was possible that the All Father knew of his disappearances, even though he hide himself from the view of Heimdall, a spell that he knew well and had been using for centuries by now. Of course, he did have to play on the side of caution. He could not give too much away - it didn't take a genius to figure out that if he attracted too much attention then he would have to be chucked into a more secure cell.

That didn't mean he couldn't have his fun.

SHIELD was something that got under his skin. They had managed to defeat him with that team... the Avengers. Green eyes hardened at this memory and the thought of their beast. Even though he had healed, his pride remained somewhat shattered and it was his intent to get his own back at them. Even if he could only be subtle and not allow the mortals to know who had actually been there. The curse of being a supposed prisoner. Well, he could still play up to the mischief part of his identity and nature. Possibly removing a few mortals while at it.

In the past few weeks, Loki had found out about the bar for SHIELD agents. More importantly, he had found out that it was used. Well, it was a perfect place to cause a bit of panic or to find out more about his enemies for next time. Because there would be a next time. A smirk appeared on his face as he considered this next time. Already he was planning the time and it was going to be subtle. Very subtle. He found it almost laughable to consider how powerless they would be. Their government would be his and their people would believe he was the best thing for them.

Having tricked his way into the bar, Loki sat, calmly in disguise, looking at all the strange drinks that the mortals had concocted over the years. He was unfamiliar with many of them but it was never too late to try. He did have centuries to experiment and was fairly good at holding his liquor considering that he did come from an Asgardian background.

Looking up from his experimented drink, Loki saw a female agent that he believed he recognised from his last time he had tried to take over the world. Just from a passing glance, perhaps. It didn't matter, one thing he did know; this woman was in a position of power and as such, she would make a brilliant toy to play with. A smirk flickered across him. He slowly rose and walked over to her. In his disguise he appeared as a tall, slightly thin, ginger man. From his careful observation, it appeared that the woman was unhappy (maybe even saddened) because of something and that was one thing that Loki was prepared to exploit.

Taking a seat next to her, Loki leaned on one elbow, putting a more pleasant and friendly smile on his face.
"You look like you could use some company," He said, making his voice pleasant and one that others would want to trust. He had used this often enough in his past - if you got the right tone, it was easy to get the other to spill out their hearts. Loki looked over towards the bartender briefly, to give a light and more casual air to the situation before he returned his gaze to the mortal.

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