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Comic Heroes: The Next Generation Empty Comic Heroes: The Next Generation

Post by Bruand'r Grayson on Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:30 am


It was a magical battle of epic proportions between the Two Brothers, representing Marvel and DC. But it was too much for even them to foresee and all the energy merged Marvel and DC. But it also pulled in the smaller universes of Image and Dark Horse. War broke out, each team, hero and villain trying to prove themselves the best in either universe. That was 30 years ago, it's now 2043. Now Checkmate has proven themselves superior while other teams have merged. The Justice League and the Avengers became the League of Avengers. Young Justice, Teen Titans and Young Avengers became the Young Titans.

Now a new generation has risen up, along side a few other heroes or villains who can't bring themselves to retire just yet. Between the increase in the amount of Meta-Humans and mutants possibly due to HYDRA, an outbreak of zombies in Georgia and another explosion in the increase and awareness of Vampires. Now the question is which side will you take in this battle? Will you stand up for the good like heroes before you or destroy the world like the villains wanted to do?

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Bruand'r Grayson

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