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Post by Pariah on Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:59 pm

Wholock: Paradox in a Box Oh

The Silence is angry. Outraged, in fact. It has been revealed that there are some Time Lords that have survived the Time War, and for them, this is dangerous. The Silence have decided that it is time to step in and target them, taking them out one by one. While this is going on, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and Cybermen are rampaging the Earth, and it seems a new war may come very soon.

Criminals are becoming much more prominent in London, and for the Task Forces of the city, they are finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of how many people have been murdered each day. The murders are each becoming much more unique and with less evidence left behind, to a point where it could even stump Sherlock Holmes.

With so much going on, will the Doctor be able to save everyone? Will Sherlock be able to keep London safe?

It's your choice to decide what happens.

⌘We accept canons and customs from Sherlock and Doctor Who! Torchwood is welcome, as well as the Sarah Jane Adventures. On this forum, all 11 doctors are welcome to RP in the same place!

⌘Many canons are up for grabs!

⌘Non-Canon relationships encouraged!

⌘No word counts~

⌘This site is meant for everyone to enjoy. No expertise required.

⌘Friendly and helpful staff

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