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Dr Jemma Simmons Empty Dr Jemma Simmons

Post by Jemma Simmons on Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:55 pm

Jemma Simmons
Dr Jemma Simmons Elizabeth
“I was a 17-year-old girl with two Phds and a million questions. S.H.I.E.L.D. had the resources to help me answer them.”

Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.

Full Name: Dr Jemma Astoria Simmons
Nicknames/Aliases: FitzSimmons
Age: 27
Occupation: Biochemist for SHIELD
Home Town: Ashburton, Devon, England

I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

Species: Human
Sexual Preference: Bicurious
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: British
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Dark blondey-brown
Defining Features: Unless you count her sweaters, ties, and overcoats defining features, N/A
Face Claim: Elizabeth Henstridge

Big flashy lighty things have got me written all over them. Not actually. Give me time. And a crayon.

Personality: Jemma Simmons is known as the attractive nerd and also a science buff on her profile for S.H.I.E.L.D. She has a normally calm and rational attitude, often relying on what is or isn't scientific fact. She is very forgiving, as seen when she so quickly forgave Skye after she betrayed them with the Rising Tide. She has a deep affection towards Leo Fitz, refusing to let him sacrifice his life for her. Simmons is a terrible liar, proved many times over, prominently the instance in the Hub when she shot Agent Jasper Sitwell with the Night-Night Gun out of panic when he did not believe her lies; she has however, improved on this flaw. Simmons also has a bright outlook on life, most often trying to see the best in any situation, and then trying to make them better. She is loyal, protective, and brave, willing to sacrifice herself if it means that her team don't get hurt.

Skills and Talents: Genius level intellect - Simmons possessed two PhD's for biochemistry by the time she was 17, and continued her studies at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology, graduating as one of the youngest cadets in the history of the Academy. Simmons possesses a sharp and bright mind focused on analysis, that has allowed her to research and develop many breakthrough equipment for S.H.I.E.L.D. ~ Master scientist: Her expertise in the field of biochemistry has allowed her to work in the research and development of many breakthrough discoveries, such as the use of dendrotoxins as a tranquilizer ammunition, the cure for a virus of extraterrestrial origin, a crystalline nucleation process capable of turning moisture into ice or an odorless scent used for tracking. She is highly gifted and knowledgeable in many fields of science practiced such as biology, biochemistry, anatomy and physics. ~ Physician: Simmons is often charged with evaluating and treating any injuries sustained by her teammates and colleagues. She even had knowledge of human, animal and alien physiology, anatomy and DNA when needed, even beating out scientists, physicians and terrorist agencies ahead of time.
Powers: N/A

Family don't end with blood, boy.

Parents: Daniel and Iseabail (nee Faulkner) Simmons
Siblings: N/A
Other Important Figures: Phil Coulson, Leopold Fitz, Skye, Grant Ward, Antoine Triplett, Nick Fury
History: From the moment that Jemma learned how to speak, her parents had an inkling that she was going to be a smart child, though none of the family were prepared for just how smart their baby girl would prove to be. She began crawling at an earlier rate than regular children, and started speaking much earlier too. Growing up she had her nose stuck in books, and right up until she started primary school, she was a permanent fixture at the local library. Once the children's books became too boring for her, Jemma quickly moved onto the adult books, starting on authors like Tolstoy and Dickens. She loved books because they could take her away to a world completely different than her own, and Jemma grew up wishing that some day she would go on to have grand adventures like the various heroes and heroines she read about. Her favourite books quickly became Matilda, and the Harry Potter series.

Her school years passed as a blur. Classes were much too easy for her and her teachers would constantly be moving her up years just so she could experience some sort of challenge. Due to this, she had no friends throughout her school years and would spend her days holed up in the library. Though it upset her that no one wanted to be friends with her, she took solace knowing that soon it would be over and she could start her grand adventure, whatever that was. Despite knowing that she was never going to receive a Hogwarts letter because the world of Harry Potter didn't actually exist, she waited nonetheless, and on her birthday she received a belated letter though she knew it was only from her parents.

By the time she was 17, Jemma already had two PhD's under her belt. She was contacted by SHIELD and soon began attending the SHIELD Academy of Science and Technology. One of her main reasons for joining was to get answers to millions of questions. At the Academy she met who would become her best friend, the engineering genius Leo Fitz. Though the friendship was rocky at first, the pair soon became best friends and were the two youngest graduates in the Academy History, graduating three years early. Wanting to see more than the inside of a lab, and against the advice of Professor Vaughn, Simmons convinced Fitz to seek out a field assignment. Simmons and Leo Fitz were recruited by Phil Coulson to be the science crew for a new team he was putting together. Stationed on the Bus, the pair have designed specialized equipment and compounds on the fly in various emergency situations.

Their first foray into the field involved the case of Michael Peterson, a man in danger of exploding due to his use of the volatile Centipede Serum. Peterson was saved in part by Simmons' efforts to create a Centipede counter-agent for Peterson. Simmons first faced danger in the field in Peru, where the team was investigating an 0-8-4. Simmons and the team escaped Peruvian rebels only to face an armed takeover of the Bus. Working with the team, she helped take back the Bus and secure the old HYDRA weapon. While investigating a mysterious death in Wrigley, Pennsylvania, Simmons was infected with a lethal alien virus passed along from a Chitauri Helmet. After what appeared to be a final failed attempt at a cure, Simmons threw herself from the Bus in flight in order save her team from the virus' effect. Fortunately for Simmons, the cure was actually effective and teammate Grant Ward caught her in mid-flight and parachuted them both to safety.

At the Hub, Simmons assisted Skye with finding out about Fitz and Ward's mission. However, she was discovered by Agent Sitwell and tried to lie her way past him, but was forced to use the Night-Night Gun on him. She then joined May, Skye, and Coulson in extracting Fitz and Ward. Later, she helped the team cleanup the Battle of Greenwich and aided them in their search for the Berserker Staff. Simmons and Fitz visited StatiCorp after its particle accelerator exploded and scanned the area. Simmons then discovered that the StatiCorp explosion actually ripped a portal between worlds and that the "demon" that the team was investigating was Tobias Ford.

Simmons decided that since she couldn't lie well, she would learn to act. When Coulson's Team went after Ian Quinn by tracking the Cybertek Prosthetic Leg he bought, she acted as Coulson's daughter in order to distract the carrier of the package to put tracking dust on him. When Skye was shot on the mission, she saved her by ordering her teammates to put her in a Hyperbaric Chamber. Antoine Triplett arrived with John Garrett in order to take Ian Quinn to the Fridge. While Garrett, Coulson, Grant Ward, and Leo Fitz raided the Guest House to find GH.325 in order to save Skye from her fatal injuries, Simmons and Triplett monitored Skye and got to know each other. Ultimately, Fitz brought one sample of the drug and Simmons used it to heal Skye. With the only sample of the drug used and the Guest House destroyed, Simmons worked tirelessly to try to find a way to reproduce it. When Coulson ordered her not to share her research with anyone, Simmons yelled at him for not realizing how important this drug was. Eventually, she yielded, but she was determined to reproduce GH.325.

Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.

Alias: Calypso
Contact Information: PM on Sveta's account
Other Characters: There's none of this 'other character' lark. I've got an army
How Did You Find Us? Founded you.

I have searched for the phrase "I shall walk the Earth and my hunger shall know no bounds," but I keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers.

Roleplay Sample: Caly doesn't have to because y'know, founders have privileges. She will update it once she does a starter.

Credit goes to Theta of CAUTION 2.0
Edits by Miss Calypso
Jemma Simmons
Jemma Simmons
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Dr Jemma Simmons Empty Re: Dr Jemma Simmons

Post by Phil Coulson on Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:12 am

Dr Jemma Simmons 458?cb=20130510070345
Welcome to SHIELD, Jemma Simmons.

Your title is Scientist and this position will report to Deputy Director Maria Hill.
Your base salary is what was previously discussed with you, however you are eligible for
bonus upon satisfactory completion of the first 90 days of employment and based on
completion of missions. Your employment with the agency can be  terminated at any
time with or without cause and with or without notice.


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