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Winter is Coming! (Winter)

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Winter is Coming! (Winter) Empty Winter is Coming! (Winter)

Post by Loki on Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:47 pm

Winter is Coming! (Winter) Loki_captured_2_by_loki_pls-d6smkn4If you didn't see why this was fun, then you weren't worth knowing. Clearly anyone who thought otherwise was deathly boring.

Despite the Nordic lands being in winter's icy grips, Loki was not helping out. Instead he was having a lot of fun in the frozen city. Illusions were create when it came to turning friendly faced snowmen into demonic looking ones with blood gushing from the pebbles oh so carefully placed in the place of eyes and a mouth. The screams of terrified children was music to his ears. Serve them right for not continuing with their old beliefs. He missed being feared.

Curse it, he missed those days more than he would ever admit. Those long past years where he had been close to his not-brother and the mortals would tremble in his presence and offer whatever he wanted so long as it was within their power. And if it wasn't, then the excuses they would make, their desperate pleas... well, that was enough to sate him.

Now all of that was gone. And his mischief had taken on a more harsher side. He enjoyed it. A small part of him whispered that such a feeling was not right to gain from the experiences he forced on others. And the trickster relished this. The fact that a small part of him rebelled in disgust at what he had become was almost more entertaining than the horror of a winter wonderland that he was inflicting on the poor people. It was fantastic!

But alas, all this was not without purpose, he remarked as he watched a snowman chase a child, it's eyes glowing a demonic red and the twigs sharpened to stakes (and how he had gotten away with this sort of thing was beyond him! Apparently he was actually capable of hiding his tracks!). No, this time their was purpose to his game. As much as he hated to admit it, he had somehow managed to gain a not-enemy.

Winter. They had run into each other on multiple occasions. And all of them where situations where one or the other was causing Chaos. Now that was Loki's kind of woman. She was interesting. She had power (although he would never admit to it as being as grand as his). And most importantly, she was fun. So all this was Loki's own little calling card to the mysterious woman. The trickster was bored and wanted some companionship for his mischief for today. And then someone to drink with. This environment was perfect for honeyed mead that warmed the throat and stomach. The one thing he lacked was someone to share the mead with.

With a single illusion, he suddenly made the whole area appear to be in the thick of one thousand winters. The snow seemed to rise out of the forest and his army of illusioned, demonic snowmen chased people back inside where they stayed, watching the fake snow rise higher and higher, locking them in. What clearer note could he leave?

So up in the tree that he was perched in, leaning against the trunk, Loki settled down to wait. It couldn't be long.
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Winter is Coming! (Winter) Empty Re: Winter is Coming! (Winter)

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:20 pm

The climate didn't disturb Winter, not in the slightest. In fact, it was actually quite soothing, reminding her host body of it's planet of origin in temperature. The burning chill upon her exposed flesh merely held a harsh edge, and little else upon her skin. Truly, she could register the cold, just as she could the hot, but the host body at her finger tips seemed more akin to the cold then the hot, thus lowering the range of temperature that she perceived to be 'comfortable' from the hot end of the spectrum, and closer to the colder.

Often, she wore open or sleeveless outfits, anything to allow as much skin to the open air as possible when she traveled to cool her flesh, really, particularly when she lingered in places that many humans would consider reasonably temperatured. Never the less, while the cool weather reminded her host body of home, it was another thing that considerably colored her recollection of this host body's planet of origin.


Running rampant every where that the eye could see, children being chased by demonic alterations of their own creations, a bit of irony there.

She liked irony. Winter is Coming! (Winter) Burnin11

A cynical sort of smile crossed her features despite herself, watching a young child pass in and out of her own field of vision in it's attempt to escape a bloodied, gushing, glowing eyed, stake armed creation from hell itself. For some reason, when it ran, it held it's arms out, to magnify terror, she supposed. But she couldn't help but picture that snowman of demonic nature simply desiring a hug, or something innocent to that nature.

'Come back! I want a hug! Where are you going?! Come back! Why are you running?! I can't keep up! I don't have LEGS!'

A laugh escaped her lips as she strode through the area, in truth, she cared little for the terror of the children. Humans LIKED terror, that was the thing. They craved it to such extremes that they made themselves targets to the outside planets of the universe, or more so often, they brought themselves in masses to pay good money to fund and watch movies of terrifying intent.

They liked terror, though, of course, she supposed ANYONE would draw the line on actual injury, that was were the game would end, naturally.

But those snowmen weren't attacking the children, more so, simply chasing.

Perhaps they truly did simply desire a hug. Poor things.

Winter wasn't here on accident, didn't just so happen to pass through the area and note the strangeness. No, she'd been on this planet, obtaining a new basis for technology from some underrated scientist of magnificent idealism, when she'd heard the news babble on about a sort of mass hysteria and snowmen coming to life.

It was a message she couldn't miss, a powerful winter causing widespread chaos and terror unprecedented before for it's kind? How could anyone mistake it? Though, truly, she suspected that she was simply being vain.

She did have a habit of doing that.

As such, she'd been certain to conclude her work with the scientist before appearing (with the help of her vortex manipulator) on the nearby streets.

She only knew of one man who would have that sort of sense of humour, that sort of mind, and that sort of power.


Well, at least her day wouldn't be boring, or trivial. The trickster was rather good at what he did, a note she'd taken particular annoyance towards when they'd first met. Both of them were prone to chaos, manipulations and the like, so how could they not spark a bit of a rivalry at first notice? Though, as of late, Winter found herself to be preferring his company to her own, and the rivalry dissipated to a sort of, neutral setting. They achieved the same ends, occasionally, joked about, that sort of thing, but nothing she should care to much about. Besides, he was rather handsome, if someone was looking for that sort of thing.

But he was something she hadn't seen before. Different every time she met him, a man worthy of respect, worthy of power that seemed to come all to naturally to the likes of him. He was magnetic, rather charming when it suited him, and nothing short of a god.

So, why was he on Earth? There were many planets that could occupy his time, though, Winter shook her head, she didn't intend to give it to much thought. It was his business, matters that were his concern, and more specifically, not her problem.

Still, she knew a king when she saw one, having put a few on thrones herself for a rearrangement of power in her favor.

Winter strode through the madness, towards the epicenter, because really, where ELSE was she to check when one thought about it? A smirk crossed her features upon noting a figure leaning against a tree, despite her annoyances towards her perception filter for breaking down, leaving her once short hair to appear as it was, long white hair that stretched down her back in deliberate strands. She had, of course, taken then time to braid the bangs out of her face, but she still cared little for the nuisance altogether.

Her hand fell to her hip, to a hooked on device of a Vortex Manipulator, without a pause she typed in coordinates, fingertips dancing over the occasionally sticking keys. It was such an old and worn thing, you see, it was only a matter of time before it took her someplace she didn't intend. The world stretched and compressed around her, giving way to have the woman appear, perfectly balanced, pleasantly lounged and perpetually cocky upon a sturdy branch above eye level.

One leg hanging off the edge, Winter locked her fingers behind her head, leaning back into the bark of the trunk of the tree, shooting him a smirk. "Why hello there. You know, I MAY have to give you my number or something, if I expect Earth to remain unfrozen." Winter teased, as she often did, her smile turning nearly friendly in nature, clearly, there was fun to be had.

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Winter is Coming! (Winter) Empty Re: Winter is Coming! (Winter)

Post by Loki on Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:58 am

Winter is Coming! (Winter) Loki_captured_2_by_loki_pls-d6smkn4There was a sense of excitement when Winter did eventually turn up. And it was really only eventually in the lightest sense of the word. In actual fact, the lady did turn up rather quickly. A lot faster than most other people would turn up. Not even a superhero team had been mobilised, although he was no where near their bases so it wasn't like it could happen that easily. Although there was one problem with Winter's appearance.

She was higher up than him.

He ascended the tree through means of teleportation so that he now rested slightly above Winter. It would not do for him to be lower than another. He liked the height that he had. Green eyes considered her longer hair. It was nice, although the braid she wore was a bit simple and low maintenance. To be fair, he couldn't blame her. He spent time as a female and he often didn't bother to do anything with all that hair. But he still had learnt the art playing with one's hair and putting it in an assortment of different styles.

He grinned at her words, his pearly white teeth showing in the almost wolf like smile that naturally crept over his face.
"But this is so much more entertaining," His voice was almost purred as he said that, eyes glowed with a malice as they took in the chaos that surrounded the tree, spiralling outwards. How he loved it. No wine was sweeter than this.

"I realised earlier today, that a dreadful crime has been committed. We have yet to share mead together and I do not know if you have ever tasted the honeyed drink. And if such a drink has never touched your lips, then alas it is no mere crime that has been committed but a sin. And one that I would intend to rectify, my dear Winter,"

His words were playful as he spoke, eyes gleaming like a cat that had brought a mouse home to it's owner. Upon finding the human, the cat proudly dumps the petrified creature at the owner's feet and looks up expectantly, hoping the human would try to catch the mouse, to learn to hunt. So Loki looked at Winter, expecting her to immediately jump at the opportunity. Why would anyone react in any other way?

The storm suddenly stopped and the snowmen stopped chasing the kids. They had simply been illusions and they melted away in a flicker of green light. The originals stood where they had been created. Staring out with that stone cold smile. No one felt safe enough to leave. He chuckled.

((A/N: Sorry about the length. I'll try and get it up as we go along. Very Happy ))

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Winter is Coming! (Winter) Empty Re: Winter is Coming! (Winter)

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:49 pm

If he was pleased to see her, Winter couldn't tell. But, she didn't care. She was a confident, wild woman with the ability to take the world if the mood struck her. She didn't need people to like her, she didn't need people to respect her.

She didn't need it. Didn't want it.

Made good people soft. People who devoted their lives to a full and hearty world of change, suddenly became rather soft, like children, scampering amongst themselves, to afraid to offend one another to get much done. It was pointless, to chase tails in such a mad desire for others to respect onself, to build oneself upon the opinions of others.

Besides, while he was good company, what they had was quite.. Fun. It was no strings attached, no problems, nothing, just a bit of flirting, and a bit of fun.

What could go wrong?

They didn't even have to go through the nonsense where one another asked what the precise label for the companionship was. A fact she was rather grateful of, it was.. Pleasing that at least one person was, like her, in a sense.

Through all of her travels she'd bumbled about, noting individuals just barely a moment before their faces faded and they became lost to the touches of death. Even in their rarity, such individuals never understood her humour, never understood her way of thinking, never understood more then their little mind would take.

Loki was remarkably more open minded, or rather, a bit more like minded to her, it was.. A feeling she had not felt in quite some time.

Winter chuckled musically, sitting up from her lounging position on the branch, turning her head to find the NEW branch he perched on. It seemed that he intended to be taller then her, and while she may HAVE to put up with that shit on the GROUND. When she couldn't do much about it other then wear heels. She most certainly didn't have to in a tree, with such abundant branches.

"Somehow," Winter smirked, standing and resting her hand upon a branch above her head, idly curling her fingers around the bark of the sturdy branch. Winter now stood taller then him, as he was seated, and she was not. "I get the idea that you say that a lot." Winter quirked her eyebrows suggestively, grinning wickedly.

"Ooh, you're being charming," Winter hung off her arm holding the branch crookedly, cocking her head slightly, her long white hair settling on her back with the movement. "You must want something." She stated bluntly, nodding once to prove her point.

"As for mead.." Winter furrowed her brow softly, "I have never had it, no. That's a drink of the Norse, yes? Something involving apples?" Winter gave a shrug, wildly guessing, "I hear those were important to them."

(No worries! My apologies for the shorter post, I didn't want to do a thousand words, and basically make it impossible for much to happen between them!)

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Winter is Coming! (Winter) Empty Re: Winter is Coming! (Winter)

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