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Hier Kommt Die Sonne // Nick Alvarez and Lestrade

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Hier Kommt Die Sonne // Nick Alvarez and Lestrade Empty Hier Kommt Die Sonne // Nick Alvarez and Lestrade

Post by Abby Sciuto on Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:53 pm

eins, hier kommt die Sonne zwei, hier kommt die Sonne
drei, sie ist der hellste Stern von allen vier, hier kommt die Sonne

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Bopping her head in time to Till Lindemann serenading her through her iPod, Abby smiled wearily to herself. The day had been very long, with not nearly enough time for a sane person to get the amounts of evidence that was brought to her analysed, but Abby had done it. She'd prided herself on being the fastest specialist in her field, and just because she now worked for Scotland Yard instead of NCIS wasn't going to change that. With obscene amounts of caffeine running through her veins thanks to her latest discovery that England did indeed have Caf-Pow just like in the States, she'd finished up all of the day's evidence and had started to peruse cold case files to keep herself occupied until the end of her shift.

Every so often when she felt her energy ebbing, she would sneak another Caf-Pow from the mini-bar-fridge that she'd installed in the lab one night when Lestrade wasn't around to say she wasn't allowed to. She hoped that as long as she continued processing evidence and at the rate she was managing to get it all done, he wouldn't care how many fridges of her favourite drink she had. He was yet to bring her any as gifts, as Gibbs had so often done, but she was hoping that he'd soon learn to. Caf-Pow presents were her favourite type of reward at work.

Normally the woman liked to spend as much time as she could in the lab, a trait that stemmed from her NCIS days. The one in Scotland Yard still didn't feel like home to her like the lab at NCIS was, but it was getting there. Management had given up on trying to get her to stop decorating the lab, and with some Teddy Scares here and there, along with Bert observing from the top of the mass spectrometer, it was beginning to be a bit more Abby-friendly. But tonight the lab rat had grand plans. She'd heard of a new club that catered almost exclusively to the Goth and Steampunk crowd and Abby was dying to go. Not that the 'normals' weren't fun to hang out with and all, but sometimes the woman really wanted to hang out with someone she could swap tattoo stories with who didn't look at her like she was weird for having as many as she did. That was the only thing that bugged her about the Scotland Yard team; unlike her beloved NCIS team, the Brits constantly seemed to be judging her. It made her miss home terribly, but there was no going back now.

Having bade goodnight to Bert and Lestrade's homicide team, Abby skipped through the corridors of Scotland Yard, coat slung over her shoulder. Bestowing a cheerful smile and overly cheerful wave at Anderson as she passed him (just to annoy him) Abby continued on her mission out. As she exited the doors of Scotland Yard, Abby pulled out her phone and quickly texted a message to Greg. 'Don't stay all night working the case! If you need me, just call. Disregard any noises you may or may not hear in the background! -Abs'. Having sent that, she placed the phone back into her pocket and started on her walk home.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

die Sonne scheint mir aus den händen kann verbrennen kann euch blenden

TAGGED: @Nick Alvarez and @Greg Lestrade
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NOTES: till lindemann is the lead singer for rammstein. translation is basically "here comes the sun, she is the brightest star of all; the sun is shining out of my hands, it can burn, can blind you"
CREDIT: this template was made by miss calypso; song "sonne" by rammstein
Abby Sciuto
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Hier Kommt Die Sonne // Nick Alvarez and Lestrade Empty Re: Hier Kommt Die Sonne // Nick Alvarez and Lestrade

Post by Nick Alvarez on Wed Jan 28, 2015 6:09 am

I walk in shadows
Cold and Alone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With a long, heavy sigh leaving his lips, Agent Nick Alvarez exited an office inside the Scotland Yard building and started his way down the long corridor to the main exit. Since he became a SHIELD Agent, his life had changed drastically. He had to lie to his family about what he did in order to keep them safe. He had told them that he was still working for Law Enforcement, just in another country now. It was only half a lie, but still. Nick didn't want to tell them that he was working for SHIELD now. Firstly, they'd think he was crazy and secondly, he wanted to protect them. Less they knew the better it was for everyone.

As much as he liked the change of pace that SHIELD brought to his life, sometimes the job was as frustrating as his former at the FBI was. If people didn't want to cooperate it was just as frustrating. Only now there wasn't just one life he had to protect, it was world peace that he needed to protect. The safety of millions of people lay upon his shoulders with each case he was assigned to. However, the cases he was now working were a lot more interesting. He wasn't solving murders anymore, or trying to safe women from becoming forced prostitutes, no... he was fighting Aliens now, or people who wanted the power over the world. Crazy and unbelievable sometimes, but intriguing.

But his last task for the day was completed. It had been a difficult one, but it was done now and Nick just wanted to get back to his room on the main SHIELD Base, where he was living at the moment. It was cheaper than buying a house of his own nearby and he'd spend much more time at the Base than at his home anyway.

Nick just reached the main door, when he saw a woman heading his way. She was obviously on her way out and just a few feet away and she looked very familiar. On the first glance he couldn't really place her, though. He waited by the door, being his usual gentlemanly self, he held the door for her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Note: I still have no idea why he even was at the building, but I had no better idea how to bring him in ;-)
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Credit: Words belong to Jimmy Ruffin's song "What becomes of the brokenhearted"
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