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To our wonderful affiliates: we will be re-adding you on the new site. Please bear with us :)
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Site Revival, Take Calypso-Has-Already-Lost-Count

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Site Revival, Take Calypso-Has-Already-Lost-Count Empty Site Revival, Take Calypso-Has-Already-Lost-Count

Post by Svetlana Orlova on Fri Jan 02, 2015 7:02 pm

Hello lovely EMHers. As you might have seen from the chatbox, I am staging another revival. Hopefully it'll work and get some more activity into here, because I miss this place.

Firstly we'll be doing an activity check so we can weed out all the inactive accounts. You won't have to post in threads for this check, because if I can't post in a single thread then it's unfair to expect you guys to. A lot of people are busy, others have low muses, others are waiting for their rp-partner to come back, whatever. Point is that the activity check is just to see what characters people want to keep, who they want to put up for adoption, and who they would rather delete.

Secondly I would like to ask those with multiple accounts to log on with all of the accounts if possible. This makes us look more active than we currently are at this stage.

Thirdly, those that have muse/can post are asked to do this just because it will make us look busy. Even if it's just in a game. New threads and plots will be awesome, but I'm leaving that up to you guys.

Apart from that, let's just have fun rping and get this board nice and active again Smile I'll even figure out some funky prizes for you guys when I get some more time.

*gives cupcakes and watermelon to everyone to encourage muses* Let the revival and the fun begin! Very Happy

Site Revival, Take Calypso-Has-Already-Lost-Count Svetla10
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