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Post by Richard Yates on Fri Jan 02, 2015 5:24 pm

Richard Allan Yates
Richard Yates Befunk11
“a bullet travels at over 4,000 feet per second. four times faster than the speed of sound. the effect of that velocity is absolute.”

Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.

Full Name: Richard Allan Yates
Nicknames/Aliases: Rick, Rickie (only by people he's really close to)
Age: Thirty-nine
Occupation: Spy and former FBI Undercover Operative
Home Town: Detroit, Michigan, United States of America

I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

Species: Human
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Divorced
Ethnicity: American
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Defining Features: He proudly wears a tribal tattoo design down his left arm, starting up at his shoulder and ending at his wrist. He has another tattoo design on the underside of his right arm that ends about midway on his lower arm. He also has a few light scars from the job, but the most identifiable is the scar he bares from his 2009 shooting incident that almost took his life while he was working.
Face Claim: Jeff Gutt

Big flashy lighty things have got me written all over them. Not actually. Give me time. And a crayon.

Personality: Rick is a typically stoic person and has a tendency to act as the voice of reason in a crowd. He has a very serious demeanor, knowing the risks and respecting the job that needs to be done. Having been through the dark underbelly of the criminal world in various undercover operations and experiencing near-death has made him accept a more 'take it for what it's worth' outlook and he can seem a bit wise beyond his years when he speaks of any advice for anyone who is new to the business he does for a living.
Although happy with his work, he knows how dangerous it can be and he isn't fond of recounting the past happening that almost took his life from him and cost him his marriage. It's a touchy subject for him even now even though it's happened several years ago now, and he knows he's had his reputation under fire for it. There's claims around that he's more mentally unstable now, and it's true enough that he's gotten a little more snappy and short on some occasions, but he dislikes people making claims against him when they don't know him and what happened with that incident, and he says those are the type of people that are usually the first ones to hound him about it.
He takes his job seriously, keeping his friends that he does have on the job extremely close because he finds a high value in knowing who he can trust to have his back in any occasion that, God forbid, would require him to call for a heavy amount of help to back him up like he needed way back when.
Don't let his level gaze and mask of professionalism deter you though. He's got a lighter side. It can take a little warming up to get him to unlock that door though. His full confidence is something of a privilege that he offers to only the people he feels he can trust, and he does not forget easily when you hurt him. He forgives where he sees fit and he is a firm believer that it is his duty to lend a helping hand when and where he is able to for anyone who needs it, and, although he's had his heart broken before, he still believes in love.
He often thinks of himself as a hard man to ever have a relationship with, and it's mainly because of the demands put on him by his job. He's hardly ever been able to disclose information about what he's doing, and he's always had a bit of a fear of getting involved with someone so closely because of the world he lives in. It's a world he knows could manipulate something like that very easily, and he feels that he himself should be held accountable for his actions and no one else, but that is not how his life and his world works.
Around people he's closer to, he is a little more loose and transparent and doesn't act so reserved. He is a fiercely protective and loyal companion who would give his life for you if it came down to it. He is also extremely loyal and doesn't believe in betraying his friends. The only reason he's ever manipulative and playboyish is if the job calls for it, as he's become a master of changing to meet the situation through his work.

Skills and Talents: On the job, he can be a smooth liar, but it's only for the job. He made his name so popular in the FBI by working effectively as an undercover agent who got the job done right. He also isn't that bad of a shot and he learned a little bit about unarmed defense and combat while working various undercover jobs. For the brief period that he was inactive, he has also began playing guitar and has found music to be another passion of his, and he plays fair enough that he could probably make a bit of money off of it if he really wanted to.
Powers: The ability to use his bloody common sense and own judgement. It might as well be some other worldly power based on some of the people he's worked and dealt with.

Family don't end with blood, boy.

Parents: Douglas Richard Yates (father), Marianne Lucy Yates (mother), Samuel "Pops" Jackson Yates (grandfather)
Siblings: Victoria Polly Yates (younger sister - thirty-six)
Other Important Figures: Jules Samantha Jenston (former partner in the FBI), Robert "Bobby" Nick Welson (former patrol partner), Rocky (his German Shepard he received from Bobby as a present)
History: Born and raised proudly in Detroit, Michigan, Richard Allan Yates is the oldest of two children to Marianna and Douglas Yates. His younger sister and his parent's second child was born when he was three, and Rick grew up as her protector and loyal older brother, always being one to stand up for her if she ever got into anything at school. His father was with the Detroit Police and his mother worked as a manager of a local business not too far from where the family lived. He grew up with a lot of respect and love for both parents and he undoubtedly loved his younger sister. The children were also quite close to their grandfather, who had also served on the police force.

From a young age, Rick took a liking to music and learned to play guitar from his grandfather. It was also when he was still relatively young that he decided he wanted to carry on the tradition of law enforcement. At that point, he didn't know just where it would take him, but he knew it was what he wanted to do.

His parents and younger sister were supportive, his father and grandfather proud to have in the family and wanting to carry on such a job. There was no arguing that it wasn't the easiest profession to take up and it took a dedication to stay in such a field, but Rick knew all of that from his father and grandfather and saw it as a job that needed done, so he joined the police force once he was old enough.

During his five years of working patrol, Rick worked closely with fellow officer Robert "Bobby" Welson, and the pair became close friends. He was one of the people Rick trusted on and off the job and, besides his family, he was one of the people Rick went to the most for advice.

That close friendship was what made saying goodbye after his years of patrol so hard, but the offer he received was one he couldn't refuse. The FBI thought he had potential, so he packed up and accepted the offer, joining the FBI and getting assigned to partner Jules Jenston.

Together, him and Jules made quite the tag team and became nearly inseparable friends. She learned him the best out of anyone he'd ever called a friend and even grew so close to him that a few brief words and body language became more than enough to express even their complex thoughts. Rick became skilled in undercover work and Jenston was his perfect other half on the job, digging up information he needed and getting it to him with ease. It was also during his early years at the FBI that he got his tattoo work done, and it was a personal decision, not a job driven one.

He served as an active agent up until the year of 2009, the year of one of him and Jenston's largest undercover operations that had Rick in deep and for a good stretch of time, and that was the beginning on the strain with his marriage of six years. Jules and Rick ran several of these large operations throughout the year, but the largest came down to the one they ended around the time of November. Rick was in close, and he warned that the consequences of this operation going wrong would be costly, but no one had foreseen him getting busted in his work, and he got busted big time. In one of his meets, a group of the people he was there to bust while working his cover gathered around and told him that 'the game's over' and that they'd found him out to be an agent, but they also didn't know just how much he'd given back to the FBI up to that point. Tortured and then shot, it was only the quick response and second-nature knowing of his character by Jules that saved his life that night. He managed a slightly shaky recovery and his supervisor offered him his job back once he could properly settle back down, but Rick refused. That operation took a lot out of him, and he had been looking to mend things with his wife.

The shooting had been the last straw for her though, and she expressed that she didn't feel comfortable always being kept in the dark about what he had to do when he went off to work. It was a strain she couldn't manage, and Rick respected her wishes even though it hurt that he had no way to make that up to her. No one could, but they left on good terms as friends, which gave them both the rest of an easy divorce. To take up some time as he finished off his full recovery, he returned back to music and worked locally as a bartender to pay the bills that he had while working a few odd jobs to help make ends meet and keep himself relatively comfortable.

Two years later, he was asked back personally by Jules as a consultant on a case, as the pair had kept in close contact considering the close bond they had grown. Because it was her, he accepted, albeit with a small amount of reluctance. It was enough for her to say that he still had what it took and she begged him to come back, and, with the added offer from his supervising agent, he accepted and was reinstated back into active service in 2012, a year after he worked as a consultant for Jules.

He worked a few more short years with Jules at the FBI and, in the beginning, he experienced a lot of questions from other agents. Jules was fiercely protective of his reputation while Rick was a little more reserved about the ordeal, politely denying any claims against how fit he was for the job after the rocking trauma of his 2009 temporary retirement. He returned in a full-force dedication to getting the job done right, both him and Jules learning from the 2009 incident and hardening their skills with it, and eventually Rick managed to work off most of the questions, having to prove that he still had his place as a skilled agent.

It was also enough to earn him an invitation to once again trade out which organization he was looking for. Once again, it took a lot of convincing for him to finally say yes and goodbyes were even harder than when he left for the FBI, but it was, as he was told, an opportunity he couldn't pass up, so he's taken off to a whole different country to begin work for SHIELD, although he's promised to keep contact with his old friends from the States (and especially Jules because she came out with a threat to hunt him down if he didn't communicate at least monthly, and there was no way he'd ever let himself get out of contact with her.)

Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.

Alias: McKenzie and the plot-filled muse I call Dracula. He likes to be recognized too, dear.
Contact Information: Messaging, please, loves. I've got emails and a bad habit of never checking any of them unless I register a new character or gaming account so they're not really functional. xP
Other Characters: None... Yet. If history repeats itself, that's bound to change.
How Did You Find Us? Caly shamelessly told me that Jeff Gutt was hot and then we started discussing how to use him and I brought up an old FBI Agent character I could make him, but she told me to I could make him a spy, hence why he is an epic spy now and my coming here, because I shamelessly said I totally would do it.

I have searched for the phrase "I shall walk the Earth and my hunger shall know no bounds," but I keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers.

Roleplay Sample: I'mma be a shameless cheat since he's an OC and direct you guys to this post here, but I think I can safely say I average 300 to 600 or 700 and I think I can also be shameless and point fingers at Caly to say she'll back me up because I am constantly spamming the gold claim form on LBTD with my 600+ word counts because my muse gets overly carried away in some of our topics and the army doesn't realize that they do get carried away until they actually check their word counts 'cause I've started putting those in to their lovely new templates. They just love responding, that's all, I swear. :3 (Caly's also the victim of a 980 something word response on Miami so I got really, really carried away there. xD Soooo... You see why I'm shameless yet? xD)

Credit goes to Theta of CAUTION 2.0
Edits by Miss Calypso

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Post by Svetlana Orlova on Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:02 am

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Sorry it took so long, but ACCEPTED! Very Happy I hope you have fun around here! Just a tip: don't steal the Kinder Surprise eggs from the senior agents' common room, otherwise Svetlana will hunt you down. The deputy director does not have the bodies of rookies that have displeased her hidden under her office floor, so also disregard that rumour. Welcome to SHIELD!

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