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Post by Catherine Falsworth on Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:34 am

Catherine Eleanor Falsworth
Catherine Falsworth Tumblr_nc4vi1CiAN1rp3ztlo1_500
“We don't have to like each other, all we need is for you to follow orders Director and I am here to make sure they are obeyed.”

Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.

Full Name: Catherine Eleanor Falsworth
Nicknames/Aliases: Cathy, Nora, Lady Falsworth
Age: April 9th 1981
Occupation: SIS, Liaison to SHIELD for Councillor Mycroft Holmes
Home Town: Newcastle

I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

Species: Human
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: SIngle
Ethnicity: English
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Red
Defining Features:
Face Claim: Amy Adams

Big flashy lighty things have got me written all over them. Not actually. Give me time. And a crayon.

Catherine is efficient and dedicated to her current line of work since it interests her and because of a sense of duty, but if she is not interested in something, her lack of motivation to properly perform will show. If she does not feel motivated on a certain subject or activity, she will without a doubt avoid it like the plague or perform the minimum amount of work.  Catherine can be described as the type of person whom is intelligent but lazy. Catherine can also be quite vain and self centered at times though most of the time it is unintentional, it is more a a thing of habit from her upbringing. Catherine was spoiled by her grandfather, she was given anything she asked, thus she grew up with the belief that if she wants something it should be hers, though she has managed to tone it down and control it.

Even though Catherine can be snobbish, vain and self centered at times, she has a deep sense of duty to her country. She is also polite and friendly to those around her, though she can be quick to criticize and avoid doing things if she thinks it is beneath her status. While she is self centered and believes that she comes first, she will not intentionally cause harm and trouble to others just to get a slight advantage for herself. She will not help others out of the kindness of her heart, if she helps you, it is because she believes that there is something for her latter on. Catherine will almost always choose herself if the choice involves helping someone else or helping herself even if she is in a good position. Catherine will take advantage of every opportunity given to her, but she will not cause the problems which make these opportunities happen.

Skills and Talents:

  • Degree in Political Science
  • Capable fighter in hand to hand combat
  • Decent usage of a firearm
  • Analysis of political situations
  • Capable in deception and manipulation of others


Family don't end with blood, boy.

Brian Albert Falsworth (Father)
Elissa Cooper (Mother)
Other Important Figures:
James Montgomery Falsworth (Grandfather, Deceased)
Jacqueline Marion Falsworth (Aunt)
Catherine Eleanor Falsworth, daughter of Brian Albert Falsworth and Elissa Cooper. Catherine's grandfather was James Montgomery Falsworth, a war hero from the Second World War, Howling Commando, personal friend of Steve Rogers. Her grandfather was also the Duke of Newcastle and Devonshire, but after he died instead of passing on both titles to his son. James Falsworth had arranged it so that his titles would be split between his two children. Brian Albert Falsworth became the Duke of Newcastle, while his twin sister Jacqueline Marion Falsworth became the Duchess of Devonshire.

Her grandfather was also the Director of the SIS, though her grandfather was a founding member of SHIELD, he left it soon after its founding to work for the SIS instead. James Falsworth has a minor falling out with the other founding members of the Howling Commando's due to personal disagreements. He disagreed with how most of the information SHIELD's recruitment of former HYDRA members. He found it to be distasteful and immoral. James Falsworth left the organization due to his inability to allow himself to work with those whom were once employed by HYDRA, he believed he would be insulting the memories of those whom had died to HYDRA if he allowed himself to collaborate with it. James Falsworth maintained a cordial and friendly relationship with the others, he simply would refuse to work with SHIELD due to its HYDRA elements.

Catherine's father, Brian Falsworth also served in the SIS and had also became Director of the SIS. Her father had also been the mentor and benefactor for Mycroft Holmes when the senior Holmes first went into government service. Brian Falsworth had many brief sexual relationships, and Catherine was the result of one of these relationships of his. Catherine's mother handed her over to her father Brian due to his heritage and wealth, believing that Catherine would have a much better upbringing with the Falsworth.

Catherine was raised by her grandfather when she was a child, her father had already began his career as a spy for the SIS against the Soviet Union when she was born. Her father was spending long periods of time undercover spying on the Soviets. Catherine enjoyed listening to her grandfathers stories about the war and about the Howling Commando's. Her grandfather also taught Catherine on how to fight. Catherine did decently in her education, she could have done better, but in the end she was unmotivated in most of her studies. As a child, Catherine would get also everything she would want if she asked her grandfather. Her grandfather found it rather difficult to say no to his grandchild, while he raised his children rather strictly, he was rather lax about his granddaughter.

Latter on, Catherine studied at Oxford University and obtained a degree in Political Science. Originally her intention was to try and get a position as a diplomat for the British to other nations. Though in the end, Catherine decided to instead work for the SIS. By the time she joined the SIS, her father had already retired from his job as Director of the SIS, and the current Director was now his protege, Mycroft Holmes.

Catherine worked in the SIS as a analyst, to observe situations and give her opinion on what is happening, how it is happening, why it is happening and what will happen next. She found the work to be rather interesting, and she had a sense of duty to her country that motivated her to work hard in that role. Though once Mycroft became the British World Security Councillor, Catherine was assigned to work with SHIELD as Mycroft's eyes and ears. Mycroft did not trust those whorking in SHIELD to give him honest reports, thus he decided to place his former mentor's daughter as his eyes and ears. He also believed that since she is a Falsworth, a granddaughter of a Howling Commando, she would receive less hostility from SHIELD than a total outsider would if given the position.

Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.

Alias: John
Contact Information: PM Phil Coulson
Other Characters: Too Many
How Did You Find Us? Calypso

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Catherine Falsworth
Catherine Falsworth
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