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Post by THE FATES on Fri Jun 27, 2014 10:55 pm


Amaryllis is a Steampunk Middle Ages like world. On the continent of Escitrul lives three factions, the Brass Octopus Order, Wild Sanctum Guardians, and the Peacefuls. The Brass Octopus Order is obsessed with making Amaryllis into a world where there is only science. The Wild Sanctum Guardians want a world full of only magic. The Peacefuls just want the inhabitants of Amaryllis to coexist in harmony. The inhabits of Amaryllis are made up of humans, dryads, shifters, centaurs, elve-fairies, and goblins. Each race has its own unique abilities. Amaryllis is controlled by three sister Fates, Genevieve, Calandra, Josephine. Amaryllis is full of thing to do, occupations to have and places to go. May the Fates bless your journey in the the world of Amaryllis!

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