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Seeing The Lights In The Trees // Open Empty Seeing The Lights In The Trees // Open

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 28, 2014 3:52 pm

Ildas hummed lightly beneath her breath. Blonde hair falling into her face from the bandana tied to the top of her head. She usually wore her hair so that it was under the bandana so that it wouldn't get in her way when she went about her day. Her blonde hair actually fell just past her shoulders, when she wore it down, that was.

Her tiny fingers were wrapped around one of the safety poles on A Merry Go Round, dragging her leg off the side of the slowly turning Merry Go Round she hopped from the ground, still holding onto the metal. It didn't really work, and her head kept bobbing up and down each time she did it. But, eventually she got some good speed going.

Sitting back, she crossed her legs, her dress long enough to fall to her ankles when she stood, so it came down to her knees when she was sitting cross legged like she was. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back, a huge smile spreading across her face as the wind ran past her, blowing more blonde strands out of the bandana, and then whipping them out of her face.

The ride came to a very slow stop, and Ildas jumped up, stumbling as the Merry Go Round shifted beneath her feet and the world kept spinning. Walking a few paces, she sat on the edge of the Merry Go Round, dangling her feet over the edge. She could just barely touch the ground with her bare toes. The park was deserted and surrounded by bright green trees. The only reason there wasn't children her age running about was that school was supposed to be in session.
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Moo didn't like Ildas away from him for to long, so he'd take her to work with him and she'd stay in her portion of the office when he was doing paper work, or follow him when he left. She rarely stayed alone, and hated the feeling of not being beside Moo. He made her feel safe.

Swings were in the background, slides, colorful jungle gyms, see saws, and the merry go round littered the park that had a bedding of gravel. The gravel stuck to her bare feet, and Ildas hummed lightly, looking up at the sun against the bright blue sky.

Ildas hummed lightly beneath her breath. A smile across her features and small hands hanging from the safety poles on the merry go round, feet dangling from the merry go round and toes buried in the gravel.

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