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A chance meeting //open Empty A chance meeting //open

Post by Casey Gilmore on Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:43 pm

Casey sat at the desk of his quarters at SHIELD HQ. In front of him were photos of different saints, his wife Ailisa and their children Adam, Conor and Chloe. A rosary, which was given to him from a Royal Navy chaplain when he entered the Royal Marines, hung on the wall near the door to the quarters. Though his job kept him busy, Casey managed to find time to pray when he was on base. His faith, along with his family, kept him going and from going off the rails when things got tough. After he finished reading over the papers that were in front of him, Casey secured them, then stood and got the rosary off the hook. He walked back to where he had been, then knelt down in front of the Mary statue that he had and started to pray.

Casey felt at peace as he prayed in Latin and slowly moved his hands over the smooth beads of the rosary, not knowing of the visitor that he would soon have in the next few moments.
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