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Meeting Someone New//Lucille

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Meeting Someone New//Lucille Empty Meeting Someone New//Lucille

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:06 pm

Today was a day where he was going out to go relax. There had been some busy day lately. The missions he had been stressful. He could not tell Shadow about his day, if he did do that then it would but her in danger. That was exactly what he did not wanted to do.  This was his day to relax. There was nothing that would stop him from doing exactly that. He got up from his bed and he made it. He didn’t want a mess up bed. So he made sure he made it.

It was going to be a full day today so he got ready for the day. He went and took a shower and changed into beachwear clothes. He went and made himself lunch. When he was done he went and grabbed his backpack and then he headed to the beach. He got on his motorcycle and put his helmet on. Then he drove to the beach. He parked his motorcycle and head to the beach.

Aidan looked out at the ocean. He decided to go to the beach today. It was in the afternoon at the moment. He looked out at the nice blue ocean. The water was clear and he could see the sand. Aidan knew there were good things coming his way. He just didn’t know when it was going to come. As he looked out into the ocean his mind did wonder.

He was seventeen when his world had change. It was not for the better. His parents he loved a lot and he didn’t think there was anything they could do to make he want to change his life. Of course he was wrong about that. It was they that his parents died. It was then he wanted his world to change, he wanted his parents to be alive and well. Since that was going to happen, he was going to make sure he protected his sister. She was the only family he had.

There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to protect his sister from danger. He hoped his sister was able to stay out of trouble and live longer then he does. Being an agent did have it let down. His job was dangerous and at any time he could get killed. Of course he set up a life policy in case anything happened to him. If he did die then she would live comfortable for the rest of her life.

Shadow meant the world to him. He knew he should show it more often then he has. It was decided he was going to spend more time with his sister when he got back into town. This was a mini vacation. It wasn’t to far from his apartment. If he had to get back for something it wouldn’t take to long to get back. He hoped there wasn’t anything to pressing. This time away from the job is good and well deserved.

With the job he had been through a lot. Being shot, whipped torture, none of it fun. It had been awhile since he had a mission that had gone sideway. He knew there would be mission that went that way he just hoped he wouldn’t have one any time soon. If he did he would have to figure out what to tell her sister. It was going to be interested to see what he came up with when he did end up with a mission going sideway.

The ocean was nice and soothing, his mind was able to let everything go. There was nothing around which could make him upset there. All was good with him.  The air smelt clean and unpolluted. Aidan walked a little ways on the beach. He had his hand on his pocket.  He looked and saw other people on the beach. They were a few playing volleyball, other making sand castles. They were other people who were sunbathing.  They were off in the distant, but he could from where he was from.

Aidan had his backpack with him. It had a few peanut butter sandwiches. He also had his notebook with him. He would write a little more in it. The notebook had the story he was working on.

The story was about a young man who went on an adventure. The young man travel to different world. He saw a lot of different things and he made a lot of friends. He had written a hundred and fifty pages so far. He had a hundred more pages to write. He knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to get the story done but he was gone to do it even if it did take him a couple of years to get it done.

The next step for him was to get the book type up, then off to a publisher. Once it was off to the publisher then he would see if it was going to be good enough to get published. He hoped it would get published. It would be good to have something else under his belt.

He thought this was a good time as any to have some lunch. Aidan stopped where he was and he took out a blanket and spread it out on the sand. He took off his backpack. He sat down and took out his sandwiches and his notebook.  He sat down crossed legged and he got out his sandwich and took a bite out of it. He slowly chewed what was in his mouth.

He liked to have crunchy peanut butter on his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The texture in his mouth was sticky. It would be a good idea to get his bottle of water out and take a sip if it. It would help with the stickiness in his mouth. He got the water bottle out of his backpack and took a drink from it. The stickiness in his mouth went away slowly. He then put the water bottle down and then he picked up the notebook and started to write in it.

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Meeting Someone New//Lucille Empty Re: Meeting Someone New//Lucille

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:56 pm

Lucille had been on Earth for more than she had expected to be. Several demons had tried to drag her back to Hell, but she had expertly managed to avoid them every single time. Only now did she realize why she had not been allowed to leave Hell for such a long time; her superiors must have figured that she would not want to return afterwards, because she found such a healthy pleasure in meeting human souls and turning them into her own, at least for a little while.

However, even a demon needed some time off every once in a while. And what a better place for her to relax than one of the most exclusive beaches in North America? She had rarely stepped on the hot sand and touched the warm sea with her bare feet, but she had enjoyed it every time, and she was ready to return anytime. The beach was rather empty when she arrived there, but this one time, she did not mind it at all. Of course, she was a fan of crowded spaces where she could meet as many people as possible, but a short break was good every now and then.

Spreading a light blanket out on the sand, she set down her beach bag, as well as her clothes, a pair of short jeans and a white tank top. Left only in her light pink bikini, she turned her back on the beach, venturing in the restless waves of the sea. It was rather warm, so she could not complain. She let the salty water take over her, caress her body and her face. She would have stayed there forever, but she also wanted to stay in the sun, get a good tan - you know, what humans did at the beach.

Water dripping all over her, she slowly stepped back on the fine sand, only to notice a good-looking young man who had set his blanket down not far away from hers. It seemed like luck was on her side even on a lazy day. She slowly walked back to her own blanket, gently swaying her full hips from side to side. She passed a hand through her long wet hair, before sitting down, trying to make it look as if she had barely noticed him. She was used to making the first step when it came to an attractive man, but at times, she liked to discreetly play with them, convincing them to make the first move.


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