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Post by Guest on Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:06 am

It was three in the afternoon and Aidan was relaxing on his couch. There was a knock on his apartment door. He got up and went and opened it. He saw an agent standing there the agent held a package in his hand. The package was held out to Aidan for him to take. Aidan took the package, the agent then nodded his head then turn and left. Aidan closed the door and locked it.

He knew once he got a package he was to read it immediately. He would know what the mission was once he opened the package. There wasn’t any time to waste. He did hope the assignment was not going to be hard for him to do. Aidan made his way to the kitchen table. The package wasn’t that thick. He had a feeling that there wasn’t a lot of intel, so he was sure that the mission was going to be fairly easy. He placed the package on the table. He then walked over to the refrigerator and opened the door. He leaned over to look inside.

He looked to see a package of Ham, cheese, and a loaf of bread.  He had a six-pack of beer and a two twelve pack of sprite soda cans on the lower shelf of the refrigerator. There was also a gallon of milk on the top shelf of his refrigerator, which was down to filling on eight-ounce glass. Next to the milk sat a couple of boxes of Chinese food, which he had last night. He took out the Chinese food and put it in a bowl and put it into the microwave to reheat it. Once that was done he took the food out of the microwave and put it on the table.

He also grabbed a glass, which has ice in it and pour a can of sprite in it. He then threw the empty can of soda away. Once he was ready, he sat down at the table. He then opened the package. He placed the sheets of papers in from of him. His food and drinks were beside him. He did not want to get the papers messy. He ate as he read what the paper had to say. Being careful not to get any food on the paper.

This mission was simple it was a surveillance mission. So all he needed to do was to just watch the subject and report back what he had seen. There wasn’t any thing dangerous about this mission. Of course he knew better then that. There was always a chance of the mission going south. Some of his mission he had been on had indeed had gone south. A few time he ended up captured, but he was able to get himself out of the situation. A couple of times it ended up with him being in the hospital at the end of the mission.

He needed to make sure he was more aware of what he was doing. He did not want to get sidetrack by anything or anyone. He was going to do his mission and that was it. He did not intend to have anything compromise him.  The papers in front of him gave him his cover.

He was a tourist who had come from Europe to travel Asia now. Shanghai China to be exact. He would just be getting into the country. His alias was Jason Cross. He was twenty-five with a fiancée who lived in sunny California who was pregnant with twins. She wasn’t able to make the trip, but she wanted him to go, so he went.  His trip he was going to be one was close to being over.  He would be leaving Asia two weeks to return back to California.

The target he was going to be watching was a Marcus Buddies. He was something like a mob boss, but he wasn’t. He was on S.H.I.E.L.D. list. He was close to the top of the list of most wanted by S.H.I.E.L.D..   Marcus had his finger into everything that was illegal. If you named he probably had one of his grimy heavyset fingers in it metaphorically speaking of course.

Aidan had a run in with a few of his goons a few years back. It did not end well for Marcus men. He killed all of his men, but not before they shot him, which had him ended up being in the hospital for two weeks. That mission he ended up in a coma, but was able to come out of the coma after two weeks. If it was any longer he had no idea exactly what would have happen to his job. It was good  coma didn't last that long.

He was able to get up to speed easily.  He was on desk duty for two months after that. He used that time to catch up with his paperwork. There wasn’t two much due to the fact he make sure to keep all his records up to date.

After he read the file a couple of time he put it back in the package he got it from. He needed to get read to go on the mission.  He went and cleaned the dishes he just used. Once he made sure everything was clean, he went to his room and grabbed his travel bag which was already pack and ready to go. He had it ready if he needed to leave on a mission on a moments notice. He placed the bag by the door, then he went back into his bedroom and changed into something you would were on vacation.

He dresses himself in a t-shirt, which had a dragon on it. He put on blue shorts with white socks and black tennis shoes. His sister gave him the dragon t-shirt to him on Christmas. He smiled as he remembered the look on her face when he gave her his Christmas gift. It was mom’s wedding ring. He was sure she would use it before he did.  Once Aidan was sure he was ready to go he grabbed his carry on with the package tucked safely inside. It was then he locked the door and left the apartment.

He got into his car and drove to the airport. He parked his car in the long-term parking and headed inside.  He stopped for a second and he got out his ticket, his passport with his alias, his id and anything else he needed to get on the plane, which was headed for Shanghai China.

There wasn’t really any hustle to get through security. He was at the gate and ready to board the plane when the time for the flight came up.  He boarded the plane and set his things below the seat in front of him.  Once the plane was ready to take off it took off and headed for Shanghai. The plane trip took fifteen hours.  Aidan slept on the plane. When he landed he got off and headed straight out the door and found a taxi to get to the hotel.

Aidan was glad to get to the hotel, it didn’t take him long to get settled in. He knew his job. This wasn’t a real vacation and he knew that. This was a mission and he was going to complete it. It was nighttime and there wasn’t anything he could really do at the moment. He was positive his mark was asleep at the moment. He changed into what he was going to sleep in and headed to bed. He just slept in his shorts. Once he got some sleep then he would be able to get on his mission. Aidan laid down on the hotel bed and fell asleep. He had alway been a light sleeper. He knew there was another agent coming in to help with the surveillance he just didn’t know who or what time they were coming.

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