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Post by Guest on Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:02 pm

Walking into his little shop on board the helicarrier, William, also called Scotty or Benji by the other agents, laid his coat over the seat. Picking up one of the gadgets, a rather intriguing handgun that is nothing like what everyday people get to see or use. He can almost immediately see what the problem with the weapon was.. even though there was no note or anything explaining why the weapon was on his work table.

Setting the handgun down he sighed in frustration as he saw once again a coffee machine right in the middle with a sticky note saying "PLEASE FIX ME" Grabbing the note he crumbled it up into a ball and tossed it towards the bin, "That will wait.." He mumbled quietly as he started examining a computer followed by a communicator. Very simple fixes for the computer and communicator so he planned to work on those two first.

Pulling over the stool towards him, William took a seat and immediately started getting to work, mumbling to himself in a rather quiet song, "There was a little island with a little castle were a little man lived named Bob..." Then there was an annoying tapping sound so the young man turned on his radio, well the CD function of the machine. Which was the Beatles CD that his mother had given to him for his birthday when they were last together.. the thought that she was no dead left a empty space in Will's heart.

Will looked to the CD player and then to the door, expecting someone to be standing there. Of course his real identity was hidden.. and should be impossible to find. At least that is what William hoped. Turning in his seat after turning the CD player off he finally spoke up, "What can I help you with? My hands are already quite full with equipment that needs to be fixed.. unless there is something else?"

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