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I'm Just Like You, Only Prettier // The Master Empty I'm Just Like You, Only Prettier // The Master

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:46 pm

Winter was a neutral woman. She was often known to switch sides to simply keep the battle going on, something no hero was to do. Besides, the white haired woman actually preferred the company of villians to the company of heroes. Villians were stuck up, vain, self centered, but, oh how they amused her!

Heroes always were so very stuck up, noses turned up at how Winter would refuse to remain on a side. They just didn't seem to understand that Winter was tempermental, she changed sides depending on her mood, or if she was personally invovled in the matter. If she had something to lose, then she wouldn't lose it. If she had an ally who would assist her later on so long as they lived, then she would go to their aid.

What those heroes didn't seem to understand, was that villians weren't all entirely evil. Winter had met quite a few of them, herself, and found that most of them didn't see themselves as the ones to end the world, to rain doom upon others. Some of them thought that they were doing what was right, or were ignorant as to their own mistakes. They weren't entirely wrong in that thinking. She had met villians were were far more diligent in their lines of thinking then those heroes.

For, if they had just been instructed, that dependancy, that undying diligence to be the one to cause chaos, even they could pass as the heroes they so disliked. Winter chuckled, taking a seat and crossing a leg over the other, watching those around her with a slight grin.

Like they amused her.

And oh, oh they did.

Little hypocrites, that was what they were. Charming, hypocrites. Villains had a certain charm that certainly appealed to Winter, they matched her ideas nearly perfectly. Why would someone save a world, when it did not benefit them to do so? Winter ordered a drink, trying a charming smile and finding that she couldn't help but grin wider.

The waiter wasn't afraid of her shark like teeth, her futurekind teeth that marked her a different species. Oh, leave it to a villain, they'd seen it all before. Winter tilted her head, accepting a vodka bottle and setting it on the table, Winter turned the bottle, tilting her head back and taking a good long drink.

Oh, she supposed she was like them.

Only prettier.

-Winter is wearing this outfit

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