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Luminousity Is Luxury Of The Special Ones // aka Lumina's plotter

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Luminousity Is Luxury Of The Special Ones // aka Lumina's plotter

Post by Lumina on Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:04 pm

Lumina is generally friendly. However she's rather dynamic in her emotions that may change every moment.
This little is one brave and pretty active.
Despite bi-polar tendency she's also loyal, loving and hopeful.
There also are some darker side along as well.

Friends have always been important part of her life, however, family has been closer anyway. But those who became her friends truly cared and loved this girl.
Loyalty, trust, mischief, some amount of inner darkness and balanced inner light are important features of her friends. But above all-individuality of the spirit and freedom of the soul.

Biggest enemies are law enforcement officers and government. Also scientists and other experiment-craving things.
So far none has been more prominent nor Lumina has been involved with.

Love is a word that is both, stranger and friend.
The only love girl has ever known has been the one family and close friends share.
There hasn't been anyone in her life to show other kind of love.

Accepted is all kinds of ideas and plot bunnies. Just drop a line here or PM on the account and discussion is on.

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