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Steve Rogers  Empty Steve Rogers

Post by Steve Rogers on Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:40 pm

Steve Rogers  Tumblr_m4nxr0iuiN1ropsd2

Steve Rogers  BasicInfo_zpsb216388c
Full Name: Steven Grant Rogers
Nicknames: Steve, Captain Rogers, Captain America, Cap, The Star Spangled Man with a Plan
Species: Human
Age: 96
Occupation: Avenger, SHIELD agent
Home Town: Brooklyn, New York

Steve Rogers  Personality_zpsc181d6ed
Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Personality: Steve is very much a man of the 1940s. He holds onto many of the values now considered old fashioned, like calling people sir or m'am or using the words please and thank you. Because of this, he can come across as being unusually kind or respectful.

This is not to say Steve is a pushover, as he most certainly is not. He is a stubborn man, sometimes too stubborn for his own good, and he will not let any one walk on him. If he sees something as wrong, you can be sure you will hear some sort of protest from Steve. He does not like any form of bullying or injustice and is the advocate for the underdog. No matter the cost.

Even before he was frozen, Steve was a big bundle of shy nature and awkwardness. Social events were not his strong suit, as he would often fade into the background, especially when standing next to his physically more attractive friend, Bucky. Women often outright ignored him, leaving him without much experience with them. His shyness has followed him into this new century.

After waking up seventy years in the future, Steve is trying desperately to catch up with the new times. He will often miss a culture reference and new slang, which only adds to his frustration. Technology as a whole is utterly confusing to him and he tends to avoid it when he can. The culture gap between him and everyone else, along with the loss of everyone he's ever known or cared about has left Steve feeling lonely and out of place.

Steve Rogers  Appearance_zps4a095d61
Ethnicity: American
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Distinguishing Features: Despite being almost a hundred years old, Steve's body doesn't reflect his age. He still appears to be in his mid-twenties. His body is near perfect condition; almost unnaturally so. Steve tends to keep his hair swept to the side like he did in the 40s. His favorite style of dress is some sort of button up tucked into some sort of trouser (he rarely wears jeans, however) with a belt and a pair of work boots. Sometimes, he'll add a leather jacket over it.
Face Claim: Chris Evans

Steve Rogers  Skillsandpowers_zps847298ff
Skills and Talents: Hand to hand combat: Steve is trained in various forms of martial arts and boxing. Even before the serum, Steve knew how to throw a solid punch (not that it was very effective) and after, he has proven to be a very skilled fighter.

Shield Combat: His one of a kind shield has given Steve an upper hand in battle. Most of his fighting is done with his shield, allowing him to effectively block attacks and make stronger strikes. Steve can also use his shield as a projectile and has near perfect aim with the weapon. He has trained himself to hit multiple targets in one throw and can arch the throw so his shield can return to him.

Tactician and Strategist: Steve has the uncanny ability to formulate and augment plans quickly and efficiently. He has shown he is capable of using limited resources to take down his target; like being a one man rescue team or using five superheroes to stop a war.

Marksman: While Steve is fairly fond of using his shield in battle, he is trained with the use of firearms as well. Thanks to his relatively accurate use of his shield, he is a very good shot with a gun, too. Modern guns are also one of the few pieces of new technology Cap has shown no problems in using.

Artist: A skill Steve honed early on in life, Steve is a very good sketch artist. It was a very good outlet for the skinny kid who always seemed to get beat on. His style is very much reflective of the time period he was raised in and his favorite mediums are charcoal and pencil.

Powers: Steve's body has been augmented to near perfection by the super soldier serum. While he never actually reaches far into the realm of supernatural powers, if at all, it has made some noticeable and lasting affects. It is easy to tell that his abilities are not fully natural.

He is able to lift up to two tons of dead weight and exude enough force to punch straight through the pressurized glass of a mini-sub. Most humans would need an excessive amount of muscle to lift like this; essentially becoming a body builder. And while Steve is by no means a slender man, his muscles are considerably smaller than they theoretically should be.

To handle the stress of his strength, both his muscles and his bones are more durable than the average human. While it is very easy for a weight lifter to rip or damage a muscle, Steve has shown no signs of actually tearing anything. His bones are able to withstand the force of his punches without breaking and he can be thrown around without so much as a cracked rib.

The fastest human speed is around 30 miles per hour. Steve can reach this speed with little effort and could possibly surpass it if need be. His reflexes are also sped up, making his physical reaction times considerably lower than an average human. Steve's muscles, while being faster, stronger, and faster, can also last longer than average. His muscles produce less fatigue toxins while he engages in physical activity, giving him greater endurance and lung capacity.

Steve's coordination has also been augmented by the serum. He has good flexibility, dexterity, and balance, allowing him to preform moves that most Olympic gold medalist could not accomplish. This includes being able to jump long distances and leap high into the air without a running start.

Beyond his muscles and bones, Steve's senses were also augmented. He can see, hear, taste, smell, and feel at the peek level of human potential. Steve also has augmented healing, as his cells are extremely healthy and can heal at a rapid pace. This prevents him from getting  drunk and slows down his aging. His mind has also been touched by the serum. It has made his mental processes faster and more efficient.

Steve Rogers  History_zps2ddf5b86

  • Parents: Joseph and Sara Rogers
  • Siblings: None
  • Other Important Figures: Bucky Barnes, The Howling Commandos, Peggy Carter, Abraham Erskine, Howard Stark, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanov, Thor, Clint Barton, Director Fury

History: Joseph Rogers would never have the honor of meeting his only son, having been killed during the first world war. What little Steve heard of his father from Sara had left a huge impression on Steve. He idolized the man he didn't know, turning him into his hero. When Steve went to sign up for the war, he even tried to get assigned to his father's old unit.

It wasn't very long after her husband's death that Sara died of tuberculosis. This left Steve an orphan. He ended up being moved into an orphanage in Hells Kitchen. Steve was often sick and skinny, with a plethora of health problems, including asthma. Many of the other children would make fun of Steve and he was notorious for getting into fights with other boys. He wouldn't let the other kids bully him just because he was different. This caught the eye of fellow orphan James Barns.

James, or Bucky, as he was known, would often come to the aid of Steve and fight off the bullies Steve was physically unable to. The two struck up a strong friendship that lasted well beyond their years in the orphanage. Bucky even teaches Steve how to box after they learned of America's entrance to the second world war.

Feeling like he had just as much of a duty to lay his life down on the line as any young man, Steve attempted to enlist in the army. He was rejected due to his health. Instead of discourage Steve, it only inspired him to try harder. Ignoring his friend's protest that he could do just as much good at home, Steve tried in four other cities to be enlisted. Each time he was turned down only fired him up more.

It was Dr. Abraham Erskine who gave Steve his shot at being the soldier he always wanted to be. He admired the way Steve relentlessly tried to enlist and the good man Steve was. Erskine recruited Steve for Project: Rebirth; a program that was trying to make an army of perfect soldiers.

Steve received rigorous military training, which while he did not preform very well physically, he showed off a unique ability to problem solve and a persevering spirit. Colonel Phillips, the military head of Project: Rebirth, was unimpressed with Steve's performance, often commenting on his sickly and frail nature. It wasn't until the Colonel threw an unarmed grenade into the group of soldier only to have Steve cover it with his own body to protect those around him that he finally relented and let Steve be their first test.

The experiment, led by Dr. Erskine and Howard Stark, proved to be successful after turning Steve into the peek of human perfection. However, a Hydra spy ended up shooting Dr. Erskine, effectively ending the production of any more super soldiers. Angered that he didn't get his army, Colonel Phillips was determined to keep Steve out of the fire fights and in a lab. Senator Brandt had other ideas for Steve and persuaded him to take on the mantel of Captain America.

At first, Captain America was nothing better than a show pony. He toured across the country as a symbol to the American people while trying to sell war bonds. Steve was fairly upset by this, even relating himself to a dancing monkey. While the show was a huge hit in the States, the boys overseas were less enthusiastic about seeing the Star Spangled Man with a Plan. They mocked him off stage and Peggy Carter, a British Intelligence Agent who worked with Project: Rebirth found him licking his wounds alone in the rain.

She told Steve that a lot of the men had been captured by Hydra, including Bucky. rejuvenated by the potential death of his friend, Steve caught up with Colonel Phillips and demanded for a rescue mission to be launched. After the Colonel turned him down, Steve swindled Peggy and Howard Stark to take him behind enemy lines. Single handedly, Steve liberated over a hundred men, including Bucky. Proving he was more than just a pretty icon, Steve was allowed to create a special forces unit with some of the men he had liberated as well as Bucky.

With a redesigned suit and a new vibranium shield, Captain America and his Howling Commandos began to systematically root out Johann Schmidt's Hydra bases. During a raid on one of Hydra's supply trains, Bucky was knocked out of the train and off the side of the mountain to the ravine below. Believing him dead, Steve mourned for his friend and began to plan his final attack with Schmidt's number one man in US hands.

Schmidt, who had been calling himself the Red Skull, had planned to bomb out the major cities of the world. Steve was able to sneak aboard Schmidt's technologically advanced plane with the help of the Commandos, Peggy and Colonal Phillips. While Steve was able to stop the planes from arriving at their destination, but was unable to fly the plane home. With a promise for a date with Peggy, Steve took the plane down into the water.

Instead of killing him, however, the ice water left him in a state of suspended animation. He was found almost seventy years later and was unfrozen. Now Steve is stuck in an unfamiliar time with mostly every one he knew having died years ago. Eventually, he was asked to be apart of the Avengers Initiative. Agreeing, he joined hero Tony Stark with SHIELD Agent Natasha Romanov as they captured the rampaging Asgardian God, Loki.

While taking their prisoner to SHIELD, they were confronted by Loki's adopted brother, Thor. Steve was quick to end a battle between Thor and Iron Man as they fought over Loki. Suspiciously, the crafty god did not leave while the three of them hashed out their issues. Taking Loki back to the Helicarrier, Steve and the others met up with Dr. Bruce Banner in hopes of locating the missing Tesseract.

Despite his friendship with Howard, Steve immediately butt heads with his son, Tony. The pair ended up fighting with the rest of the group over some hidden weapons SHIELD had and their tactics until the Hellicarrier was attacked. Steve and Tony ended up repairing a damaged rotor on the flying machine.

Loki ended up breaking free of his prison on the ship and was able to kill Phil Coulson, a SHIELD agent most of the Avengers took a quick shine to. Steve was particularly upset about the death as Coulson had admitted to Steve being his childhood hero. The death ended up bringing the team together for the battle against Loki's Chitauri army. Steve took on a role of leadership, calling out orders to both the Avengers and the regular officers.

After the battle, Steve continued on with SHIELD, burring himself in his work as he tried desperately to understand an era that is not his own. And when Fury picked up the Avenger's Initative and moved it to London, Steve followed. It wasn't familiar like New York had been, but this was where he was needed and this is where he would stay.

Steve Rogers  OOCInformation_zpsfac7eb1e
Player’s Name: Rayne
Other Characters: Benny Tesla
How You Found Us: Marvel Topsites

Roleplay Sample: Every day started the same for Steve. Get up at five to go for a two hour run, rain or shine. Then he was off to the gym where he would spend some time in front of the bag. After, he would run through several sets of crunches, curls, and push ups as his cool down. If he was lucky, he would find someone to spar with him, but usually he was left to do his workout in solitude.

Not that it really bothered him. Working alone really allowed him to just get lost in his thoughts. He used this time alone to work through whatever problems he was currently having with this new modern days. Some days, he even allowed himself to be lulled into an almost meditative state by the repetitive motions.

The soft thump, thump, thump of his fists against the bag had faded into the background long ago, helping to keep the gym from becoming too silent as he worked out. He could almost imagine he was back in that old, run down gym with Bucky watching over his shoulder. Keep your elbows in, Steve. No, no, don't put your thumb there, you'll break it.

Steve slowed to a stop, catching the swinging bag with both hands. His breath was leaving him in shallow pants that had nothing to do with his need for air. Pressing his forehead against the soft leather, closed his eyes. Focus, Rogers. He was down here for a work out, not to revisit painful memories. Waiting until his breathing returned to normal and the ghost of his friend faded back to his subconscious, Steve let himself regroup before pushing off the bag.

He began to unbind his hands as he found a clear space on the floor. Stretching out on the floor, he pushed his body up into a perfect planking position, his muscles barely registering his weight. Slowly, he lowered himself to the floor, leaving an inch between them before raising up on his arms again. One. He dipped again. Two. Followed closely by three. Then four, five six... Mind blank, Steve began his cool down.

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Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers
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Steve Rogers  Empty Re: Steve Rogers

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:36 pm

Captain America, eh? Is there a Commander UK anywhere nearby, per chance?

-Accepted, a very well written application. Please do not forget to get added to the Who's Who List and the Face Claim's List

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