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Denmark's different than I thought//Open

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Denmark's different than I thought//Open Empty Denmark's different than I thought//Open

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:48 pm

Caterina kept running as she started seeing what the people were talking about. They said you would know when you got to Denmark once you saw-Crap, can't remember! She skidded to a stop and just stared around for a bit. It was snowing so she knew she couldn't be there yet. She smelled the air around her for a bit, kind of nice. It smelled like when you opened an empty freezer, so fresh! She smiled at this thought and kept looking. There were plenty of trees too, but they were covered in snow.

Soon she noticed a vehicle coming her way, maybe she could ask them? She only knew four languages so hopefully they knew it. The vehicle stopped by her and she got a good glimpse at the truck, old and rusty. The truck was red and compared to the snow it looked like blood too her. She smiled politely before crouching a little bit to look at the scruffy looking dude. "Hello, would you please tell me where I am." Soon she was listening to a foreign guy who may or may not have been giving her directions. She sighed and just ran off to go looking for someone else.

She was wearing the usual for her. Leather pants that were not too tight or too lose, a chain belt just because she thought it looked good and black shirt that showed a little bit of her stomach. She was also barefooted because she didn't feel like putting shoes on. People gave her strange looks as she headed for a small town that looked sort of like Romania, did she go too far? She went inside and asked the same thing and finally the person said she was in Finland...not too far off.

Around an hour later of asking directions and she was finally soaked and cold to the touch, but at least she was standing on grass and smelling the Denmark air. She closed her eyes and smelled the air. "Finally found ya." She smiled before opening her eyes again and walking around. It wasn't long until she found herself in some forest area. She couldn't help but feel as if she was in Greece again. The green forest area with grey clouds and wind..so beautiful. She was expecting it to look like Finland so this was different. "Don't look half bad..." She smirked before walking around some more. Who was she going to find here?

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