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Let's Sing! // Sadie Carlisle

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Let's Sing! // Sadie Carlisle Empty Let's Sing! // Sadie Carlisle

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:01 pm

Ildas hummed lightly beneath her breath. Blonde hair falling into her face from the bandana tied to the top of her head. She usually wore her hair so that it was under the bandana so that it wouldn't get in her way when she went about her day. Her blonde hair actually fell just past her shoulders, when she wore it down, that was.

Her tiny fingers were wrapped around one of the safety poles on A Merry Go Round, dragging her leg off the side of the slowly turning Merry Go Round she hopped from the ground, still holding onto the metal. It didn't really work, and her head kept bobbing up and down each time she did it. But, eventually she got some good speed going.

Sitting back, she crossed her legs, her dress long enough to fall to her ankles when she stood, so it came down to her knees when she was sitting cross legged like she was. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back, a huge smile spreading across her face as the wind ran past her, blowing more blonde strands out of the bandana, and then whipping them out of her face.

The ride came to a very slow stop, and Ildas jumped up, stumbling as the Merry Go Round shifted beneath her feet and the world kept spinning. Walking a few paces, she sat on the edge of the Merry Go Round, dangling her feet over the edge. She could just barely touch the ground with her bare toes. The park was deserted and surrounded by bright green trees. The only reason there wasn't children her age running about was that school was supposed to be in session.

Moo didn't like Ildas away from him for to long, so he'd take her to work with him and she'd stay in her portion of the office when he was doing paper work, or follow him when he left. She rarely stayed alone, and hated the feeling of not being beside Moo. He made her feel safe.

Swings were in the background, slides, colorful jungle gyms, see saws, and the merry go round littered the park that had a bedding of gravel. The gravel stuck to her bare feet, and Ildas hummed lightly, looking up at the sun against the bright blue sky.

Ildas hummed lightly beneath her breath. A smile across her features and small hands hanging from the safety poles on the merry go round, feet dangling from the merry go round and toes buried in the gravel.

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Let's Sing! // Sadie Carlisle Empty Re: Let's Sing! // Sadie Carlisle

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:11 pm

A bleak Spring sun shone through the clouds as Sadie wandered the London streets, Maija tugging vehemently at her leash. Sadie was done for the day and had decided to wander around London in an attempt to get used to the new location. Though she was a quick learner with locations, having spent so many years in Berlin only to switch to living in London permanently was going to throw her off. It was definitely going to be a readjustment. So Sadie had better start sooner with it, rather than later.

Maija was desperate for a walk anyway. Despite the fact that the canine got to strut around base with Deputy Director Hill, scaring rookies and various agents with her wolf-like appearance, then run around the grounds like a loon all she pleased, apparently it still wasn't enough. Her dog's constant need for long-winded walks was brilliant for staying in shape, but after long days when she'd rather curl up and read, it was nothing short of horrid.

Passing a playground, Sadie instinctively shortened the leash to the point where Maija was walking right beside her. Playgrounds were precarious things and Sadie was always worried when she passed them. They were a dangerous place because Maija happened to love the attention and adoration of strangers all too much. Which wouldn't have been much of a worry had she been a Labrador or a pug. It was slightly more concerning when she looked like a well-fed wolf escaped from the wild.

The dog gave a whine at the injustice of having her leash shortened and turned her fluffy head to glare at Sadie. Sadie gave her pet an unamused look and shook her head. "Don't give me that look. Last time we were at a playground I had a hysterical mother screaming in my ear that you were about to eat her child. I'm not letting you run off again." The dog made a noise that sounded very much like an indignant snort and looked away from her owner.

A joyous bark left the dog's throat as she spotted a blonde child in a bandana playing on the merry-go-round and she strained at her leash. The leather began slipping out of Sadie's fingers as she desperately tried to keep Maija in place. No easy feat when it was a sled-dog that she was trying to hold back. "Maija, stop," Sadie growled, but the malamute simply ignored her words and began to strain harder, giving a soft whine as she attempted to break free.

The leash was quickly slipping from her hands, widening the space between owner and pet. Taking this as a sign that Sadie was relenting, Maija began tugging extra hard, determined to break away and run away to play with the child. To her the child looked lonely and needed company.

Sadie knew perfectly well that her dog wouldn't hurt a single child in the place (though there only was just the one), but it was hardly a comforting sight for parents to see a giant wolf bounding towards their child. Sadie couldn't see where the parents of this child were, but she still didn't want to take any chances. She'd had enough of parents screaming at her just because her dog loved attention and couldn't ever pass up the opportunity at having her tummy rubbed.

Her phone began vibrating in her pocket, causing Sadie to swear. A second later 'Dance, Dance' by 'Fall Out Boy' began playing and the phone vibrated with more urgency. Murphy's Law really had it in for her. Normally she wouldn't take it until she was sure that she was in the clear. But given that she now worked for a spy organisation which required her to be on call lest some sort of mission pop up, she had to take this. Fumbling to get the phone out of the pocket, she flicked open the top, not even looking at the caller ID. "Sadie Carlisle." The voice that replied made her beam, despite her frustration. "Ryan, guten abend..."

Hearing the change of tone in her owner's voice and knowing this to be a sign of her distraction, the malamute gave one last giant tug and, managing to get its leash free, bounded like a wild maniac towards the playground, ignoring the howl of "Maija, nooo! Get back here!" that came from Sadie. She dashed towards the child as if her life depended on it, tongue hanging out and bits of grass flying out from under her paws. As she got close to the girl in the bandana, she plonked her butt down right in front of her, tail thumping loudly against the ground. Next second Maija brought her face forward, first sniffing the child from head to foot, and then nudging her gently with her nose as if to say 'pat me'.

Having yelped an excuse to Ryan with the promise that she'd call him back, Sadie sprinted up to her dog and grabbed her collar, pulling her away and almost sitting on her to keep her in place. She was worried that the child might be afraid of dogs. After all, this particular one was huge and looked a bit manic. "I'm so so sorry," she apologized to the young girl. "I really hope she hasn't frightened you." She glared at her dog before turning back to look at the girl. "She was only trying to make friends but she's not very good at it..."

OOC: The name is pronounced "Maya", because the Germans pronounce j's as y's. The dog looks like this. Sorry for the super long reply; please please do not try and match that length otherwise I will probably die...

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Let's Sing! // Sadie Carlisle Empty Re: Let's Sing! // Sadie Carlisle

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 03, 2014 6:16 pm

Ildas loved dogs! The way their wet noses bumped into her hands and how one could always tell just what the dog was thinking or thinking by how fast their tails moved. Humans didn't have tails. You couldn't tell when they were mad or not, and the passing thought started to make sense the more she thought about it! There wouldn't be to many lies, which meant far less fights and maybe then adults would become so much less bitter and rude! Ildas hopped down, giggling wildly and crouching to the ground, spreading her arms wide for a wolf glomp. Fingers stretched, and she had the widest grin upon her lips, eyes sparkling with excitement.

Then she saw the woman running towards the oncoming wolf like dog like her life depended on it. Alarm flashed through her features and she let out a shriek, scrambling back on the merry go round. Scooting back with scrambling limbs, she panicked to see that the wild wolf was going to fast for the woman to catch the beast. Certain of oncoming death, Ildas whimpered to see it skid to a stop before her. He sat down in front of her, and Ildas straightened up slowly, fingers curling into themselves and face in awe. Leaning forwards, she giggled childishly when the wolf pressed his wet nose against the palm of her hand. Stretching out a tentative hand, Ildas ruffled his ears, stroking his fur between her thin fingers.

Putting her hands behind her back, she watched as the wolf dog was pulled back and was nearly sat on. Ildas put on a brave smile towards the woman who'd given her such a fright. She wouldn't hold to much of a grudge towards the woman. As she was over reactive and goofy in nature in seemed, but she seemed a nice woman over all!

"She's a wolf, but she's very friendly. Is she trained?" Ildas clapped her hands, eyes bright and her fears forgotten.

-I was very tempted to. I'm sorry. But I was. You're lucky Ildas was finicky today. *snaps fingers*

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Let's Sing! // Sadie Carlisle Empty Re: Let's Sing! // Sadie Carlisle

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