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Post by Guest on Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:18 pm

Ildas was very angry, her tiny body shaking with rage and tears welled up behind her eyes. Moo had wanted the two of them to move apartments, and if they did, that would make it the third time this year! Ildas argued with Moo, (she really hated doing that) to stay. She loved the parks nearby, the bright trees, the wide sky, and especially that little pastry shop on the edge of the street that they always stopped at on the way home from his 'job'.

Ildas didn't really know what a job was, but from watching Moo she thought it was an older version of school, where you get money for the right answers on a test.

She loved the park nearby, so that was where she had stomped off to, growling all the way and stomping her bare feet against the hard pavement. Moo would have said she was throwing a temper tantrum.

Ildas missed Moo already, she wasn't upset because she had to move, she was upset that she'd argued with him, and now he was mad.

He probably hated her.

Ildas burst into tears, sitting down in the middle of the road. Her blonde hair fell out of her bandana that Moo had only gotten half done with tying before he'd sprung the little surprise on her, and they'd gotten into an arguement.

What if that was the last time?

But Ildas was tired of moving! Everytime she'd finally get a lay of the land, and learn her favorite places to be, or found nearby friends her own age (She never found those to often, they were usually at school. Moo prefered to have her beside him as he worked, so she didn't have to go!) they'd have to move again.

Frustrated, she pushed her bandana back up, only to have it fall off the back of her head. Only bringing her more into tears.

Moo would have accused her of throwing a temper tantrum.

To concerned with what Moo would or would not have said, she was to busy wailing like a lost child, sitting crossed legged in the middle of the street to notice the car, coming way to fast, out from a curve and coming her way. The driver hunched over the passenger's seat to locate a missing phone and his eyes were far from the road.

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