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Manipulations // Loki Empty Manipulations // Loki

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 16, 2014 8:30 am

The Atashi couldn't find it. That thing that belonged to her eluded her still. Why it didn't lay it's worthless life at her very feet was far beyond anything she deserved. The Atashi deserved youth, deserved beauty, others would just have to sacrifice themselves for the greater cause. She was more important, and she wanted youth. Whatever she wanted, she got. No matter the cost.

That thing was spoiled, fat, soul less and childish. Oh, she'd heard of the tales, of the white haired woman wandering through time. Turning, she spat on the ground at the mere thought of that selfish, imprudent object. Throwing her head back, the objects she had tied into her hair clinked against one another lightly. Sharp shards of glass, stones, bottles, dried roots, even painted bones were tied into her long hair. Dressed in beads and sparkling jewlery, her cloth boots stepped on the hard road lightly.

The walk of someone important.

Because she was. The Atashi was The Clan Leader. One of the select few, battling their own families until one survived.

And she'd been victorious.

In her own deluded mind, driven insane by solitude and blood lust, she was still The Clan Leader. The Queen. But, solid reality was that her lack of leadership had lead to the downfall of her clan. And realising that someone else (her offspring) was to take up her clan, she sent them all to a suicide mission.

She couldn't remember doing such. Couldn't remember killing her mate that was to last her entire life, and couldn't remember the crimes of her clan. She was a leader, tall and proud.

Deluded and mad.

She stopped in the middle of a road,  she'd heard of the norse gods walking upon the earth. Had heard about this... caped 'thor' and the SHEILD, and Torchwood, and a Doctor. It all sounded like a mash up of the strangest things to her. Wasted talent and power. She would have to lead, this 'loki' would obey her. She was royalty, after all!

She would be obeyed.

"Loki, I hear tale you walk the Earth. Show yourself." The Atashi demanded, using her all to limited powers to hide her teeth and make them appear human. She quite liked a human smile, it made when she morphed her teeth back to the shark points that much more fun. They didn't see it coming.

She had an advantage.

Which was besides the point, she quite liked the look of fear others had when her teeth grew sharp and pointed.

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Manipulations // Loki Empty Re: Manipulations // Loki

Post by Loki on Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:08 pm

Manipulations // Loki 621871-loki_loki_thor_2011_21916698_333_591He was not one to stay around the scene of his crimes for long. Let the Chaos ensue, have fun playing around with the mortals and then leave and move onto other past times. But that was not to say that he did not keep a careful watch on those recent scenes. More fun may turn up on them, after all. It was only through this that he knew that someone had turned up at his last game - where he had plagued the London streets with mist. Someone of some power had turned up there. It was interesting for the trickster. So he hide himself in the illusions that he knew how to weave. There was a hint of Asgardian in whoever had turned up at the scene and that interested him.

Keeping hidden as he moved around the scene, his green eyes flickering across the scene before he caught sight of the creature. A female, he noted, similar in some ways to the woman that he had met earlier. Eyes glittered as he examined the woman, still hidden under his illusions as he moved around the woman at a distance; judging the stranger.

Then she spoke and slightly surprise came across him. Few had the ability to detect him; very few people. Dispelling the illusion, he walked forwards, dressed in full gear, keeping no secrets as to his appearance. Moving around her, in a circle, he seemed to be like a wolf making tracks around its prey, a creature that was going to die soon. His movement was smooth and dangerous as he moved, examining her.

"Your blood interests me, woman," He said, watching her with a wicked gaze. She would be nothing more than an amusement for him.
"But you better have something more to offer." His voice was soft with a dangerous edge to it and a smile appeared across his face at that.

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