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Passing Storms // Menaezaen, OPEN

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Passing Storms // Menaezaen, OPEN Empty Passing Storms // Menaezaen, OPEN

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:58 pm

Menaezaen was chittering, chatting to himself to hear the click his beak made when he consistantly opened and shut it. Shadow glanced to her left shoulder at the little blue bird with bright gem patterns on the tips of his wings, and black designs orbiting his intellegent eyes. Around his leg was a golden thread, and the other end was tied to Shadow's belt loosly. There was enough slack for him to jump upon the ground around her feet, or glide beside her head. But, like always, he dug his little needle sharp claws into her shoulder, slicing through the cloth on her shoulder easily. And he was so very ignorant that little bubbles of red rose to the surface. Chuckling at her companion's unease, Shadow waved a hand above her head.

A storm was passing over heard, the ground rumbling with it's deep growl and lightning flashed over head. Rain poured, and Shadow held her hand above her head. Shadows dragged themselves from all around, there was plenty nearby, it was in the dark of the night, after all. Running up her leg and leaping to her arm. Rolling over one another, pushing some dripping shadows from the thin arm in it's clammer to reach her hand. Spreading her fingers, and the shadows launched themselves from her wrist, several drips falling to the ground when the other shadows were pushed from her arm, having run out of space.

Spreading like ink in water, the inky black substances spread above their heads in a complete sphere that wrapped itself around the pair. The ink attached itself to the droplets of water that had dropped in, lifting itself, and pulling the droplets with it. In seconds, both of the pair were completely dry and the rain fell around them, not touching a bubble of five feet around Shadow.

"And you doubted me." Shadow smiled at Menaezaen, who merely shook his head with a good humoured chirp. Shadow had varying shades of black on her, not a bit of color painted the woman. Save for her glowing red eyes, even in the gloom of the dark, and the mist of the pouring rain, they seemed to glow. Her face was blank and emotionless, David Hill's fault.

-Shadow is wearing this outfit here. The one of the far right. Without color, of course.

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