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Henry Wilcox

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Henry Wilcox Empty Henry Wilcox

Post by Henry Wilcox on Thu Feb 06, 2014 4:52 pm

Henry Wilcox Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSM_efqlRXjlB6FWGr3uT4ex-2I1lDhn7xzfn09A_1_hjs6X3ORAg

Henry Wilcox BasicInfo_zpsb216388c
Full Name: Henry Franklin Wilcox
Species: Human
Age: 17th of July 1935
Occupation: Agent of SHIELD Clearance level 8, Arms Dealer
Home Town: Winnipeg

Henry Wilcox Personality_zpsc181d6ed
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Widower
Henry is a affable person, he is friendly to everyone he meets and rarely looses his temper. He has this demeanor which makes many people trust him, this is good for his job as a deep cover agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. Henry works as a deep cover agent is a difficult one, it is a stressful work, constantly worrying if others would discover his true identity as a SHIELD agent, at other times, his own agency doubts his loyalty due to the actions he must preform to safeguards his cover. Henry is a survivor, he always was, he will not give up till he wins. At the same time, Henry is also fully loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D in the end, others may doubt his loyalty but in the end his more questionable actions are always for the greater good, to maintain his cover, to catch the bigger fish. Henry cares about his family but he sees his mission as the more important thing, this has estranged him from his family whom think of him as a war criminal who has no sense of morals, willing to do anything for cash.

Henry Wilcox Appearance_zps4a095d61
Ethnicity: Canadian
Hair Colour: Gray/White
Eye Colour: Blue
Distinguishing Features: Henry almost always keeps his beard grown and sports a long coat in most situations. Henry also has numerous scars across the body.
Face Claim: Donald Sutherland

Henry Wilcox Skillsandpowers_zps847298ff
Skills and Talents:
Henry is a talent liar, he is able to keep up with all the lies he tells to keep his cover, and at the same time, he also has the charm that allow most people to believe what he is saying without much effort in convincing them. Henry is also a trained marksman and hand to hand combatant, these skills have gotten him out of trouble more than once. Brutal interrogation techniques are not something that Henry is alien to, he frequently uses them, but at the same time Henry is also skilled in the use of more subtle methods.

Henry Wilcox History_zps2ddf5b86

  • Parents: James Wilcox(Deceased), Megan Wilcox(Deceased)
  • Siblings:None
  • Other Important Figures: Elizabeth Wilcox Nee Roberts(Wife, deceased), David Wilcox(Son), Alice Wilcox(Adopted Daughter)


Henry Franklin Wilcox is a old man, he has seen many conflicts, lived through stuff people never see. Henry has seen it all. Henry is a Canadian citizen and was born in Winnipeg. His parents were James and Megan Wilcox. He had a wife who is now deceased, he had one son with his wife, David, and they also adopted a daughter, Alice. He is currently estranged with both of his children, due to his cover identity as a international arms dealer. Both his children see him as a criminal who is willing to do anything for quick cash.

Henry has been a deep cover agent for SHIELD as a Arms Dealer for about forty years, he has been in most armed comnflicts, and his weapons are used in almost ever battlefield on the planet. To his clients, Henry puts on the act that he does not care who he is selling his weapons to, as long as he gets paid, but in reality he is working with SHIELD gathering intelligence for them. A arms dealer cna be welcomed into a Dictators house, a SHIELD agent would not. Henry's loyalty has been blurry, many thought he went to the deep end and went rogue, but that was all a plan he and Fury planned out, Fury would burn any files pertaining to Henry and Henry would gain free reign on his operations without the oversight of anyone but Fury himself.
Henry Wilcox OOCInformation_zpsfac7eb1e
Player’s Name: John
Other Characters: Be sacrificed to Cthulhu and I might tell you
How You Found Us: Cal

Roleplay Sample:

Application made by Project88Loop of Caution2.0

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Henry Wilcox
Henry Wilcox
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Henry Wilcox Empty Re: Henry Wilcox

Post by John Watson on Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:32 pm

Mr.Wilcox. Good evening. A weapons dealer? You would not happen to carry ammo for a L106A1 Sig Sauer? My friend happened to have used up all of my ammo. And no one is selling any.


Accepted! Enjoy! Do not forget to post in the Face Claims, and the Who's Who.
John Watson
John Watson

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Henry Wilcox Empty Re: Henry Wilcox

Post by Henry Wilcox on Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:38 pm

Ah let me check on my stocks, you can't believe how high the demand for ammo is in the United Kingdom, oh keep the gun away from your friend, I can tell he is the type that is rather immature with those things. Well your in luck, I have a couple shipments coming in this week.
Henry Wilcox
Henry Wilcox
Imperator and Autokrator of Shipping

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Henry Wilcox Empty Re: Henry Wilcox

Post by Sponsored content

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