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Nothing Quite Like A Good Book [Onyx]

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Nothing Quite Like A Good Book [Onyx] Empty Nothing Quite Like A Good Book [Onyx]

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:21 pm

New York, the city where everything and nothing seems to happen. If you watch close enough you will see everything but if you blink, it is gone. A simple blink for the world to pass you by as if nothing as happening. Charles always believed you must be observant to notice certain happenings in the world, such as the existence of mutants. Normal everyday humans but if you watch closely there is something there, something about them that is odd and sure enough they are different.

Different is how Charles' life has been. So very different since his powers, since he lost his legs, since he opened his institute. So many things had taken place and now pushing his wheelchair down the hallway of his mansion home he headed for the library. He had quite a few books he wished to take up and read, keep the mind busy and all that.

Sighing a bit he glanced up the row of books in front of him and used a long skinny pole to knock the book he desired from it's place and into his awaiting hands. Smiling to himself he turned his wheelchair and went to a table in the room, reading there in peace.

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Nothing Quite Like A Good Book [Onyx] Empty Re: Nothing Quite Like A Good Book [Onyx]

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 04, 2014 12:42 pm

She was home... well her earth home. She had found this mansion and the owner back in the early 60's during one of her travels. She was welcome here... but she only sent a small amount of time here back then... she had to move around... all the while she was starting a name for herself as a Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae singer in Jamaica.
Now she was back after so long... she loved the mansion... a simble of peace and acceptance for mutants and even otherwolders like her. She walked inside as the main gates where open right now. She then remembered that she actually gave some of the tech to make the mansion better and safer.
Rek'aa was in her humans form untill she neared the entrance of the mansion. She then smiled and returned to her original catlike 4 armed form. She opened the door and walked inside. She could tell that Charles Xavier was here even without sniffing. Onyx followed his scent to the library where she just stopped in the doorway. She had both set of arms where in her pockets and her upper set was crossed. She could not help smiling at the person. But also felt a slight saddness... he grew older, while she did not age a day.
" Long time scince i was last around here. " She spoke smiling at him. "Nice to see you again Charles. " She commented with a truely warm smile and her tail was staying happily.
She glanced at the shelfes and decided to stay for a while.

(i hope it is okay? Smile )

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